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AFM 2013: Exclusive Media Shopping Three New Projects Including One from Sam Raimi

And the barrage of AFM news keeps rolling in even though it's still technically the evening before the show. Next out of the gate is word regarding three projects Exclusive Media will be shopping at this year's big dance.

Mikael Hafstrom to Helm Wake for Hammer Films

Director Mikael Hafstrom is moving from The Rite to a Wake for Hammer Films. Exclusive Media Group will produce and finance the project, which was written by Christopher Borrelli with a new draft by Matt Sand.

Hilary Swank's The Resident is Coming this Spring

It's awesome thinking that Hammer Studios is back in the game. And while it seems like we've been covering The Resident for years now (because, frankly, we have), it's looking like we'll have the chance to see it in the near future.