NOTLD Megos Now in Stock!

Just a quick heads up to you all; the Night of the Living Dead Megos are now officially in stock! If you’ve been waiting to get one of these badass, one of a kind, limited collectibles … well now’s the time to stop waiting!

*UPDATED!* Huge Discount on Living Dead Dolls 17 Pre-order!

We here at Dread Central know that the Living Dead Dolls aren’t for everyone, but there are a lot of you out there, a lot, who keep collecting them every time a new series is launched, so with Christmas so damn close we wanted to encourage your spending habits with Series 17.

New Fright Rags in Evilshop!

It’s been a long, long, long time since we directed you guys over to Evilshop, but that’s because we’re nice guys. We know the economy isn’t what it used to be and who are we to tell you to spend your money?

Dread Central's Poster Store!

Back in the day we used to utilize All Posters.com as part of the old Evilshop, the one in which I updated every single thing by hand. Now everything’s dynamic and sexy so it’s time we upgrade, too!

Fright Rags Comes to Evilshop!

Well, now, ain't it just getting cozy up in Evilshop as of late? When our e-store first opened, we had very cool clothing created by both Fearwerx and Rotten Cotton on sale, which featured a good selection of horror apparel for discerning fans to choose from. You were happy, we were happy, and all was well.

New Threads at the EvilShop!

Mother's Day is just a few days away; what have you gotten for the woman who exploded you into the world in a violent spray of blood and other assorted bits? Slacking, eh? Or perhaps she's "resting" in the basement?

Evilshop Says Go to Hell!

All right, we showed you the best glass you can possibly own for waiting out any zombie invasion (see ‘em here if you missed those), but now Evilshop has a better idea than waiting for a zombie apocalypse; GO TO HELL!

Stop in for a Pint at the Winchester Pub!

Been a long day? On the outs with your honey during the zombie apocalypse? Got some red on you? Time to knock back a few cold ones! Drown your sorrows in style by heading over to our EVILSHOP and getting yourself a 16 oz. glass from everyone's favorite zombie shelter, the Winchester Pub!

DVD Releases: Cruising Nude Cannibals

Only one week to go before Thanksgiving! The best way to celebrate cultural extinction is to pick yourself up some badass horror movies! Check out the releases for Tuesday, November 13th, 2007: Cannibal Man Directed by Eloy de la Iglesia