Evil Dead 4

An Evil Dead Update From the Man Himself - Bruce Campbell

Besides the question "Why?" regarding Platinum Dunes, one of the most frequent questions we get here at DC is "What's up with Evil Dead?" Well, for once we have news, and it's from the man himself, Bruce Campbell.

Raimi Insists Bruce Coming Back for ED4

More chatter hit the Net today from Sam Raimi concerning the film fans are clamoring for, Evil Dead 4. So what's new this time?

Raimi Once Again Talks Remake & Evil Dead 4

It happens every so often, ya know? Every time Raimi has a movie coming out during interviews he's inevitably asked The Questions. Will there be an Evil Dead remake and when are we gonna get an Evil Dead 4? Hot on the heels of promoting his stellar new film Drag Me to Hell, Raimi threw us yet another bone.

Campbell Talks Evil Dead 4!

Oh, what the hell, we haven’t done an Evil Dead 4 story in a while, have we? Luckily The Chin got to jawing with MTV’s Movie Blog recently on that very subject, which gives us something to talk about.