Evil Dead 2

50 of the Most Ridiculously Awesome Foreign Horror Movie Posters

There's perhaps nobody who appreciates the art of movie poster art more than we horror fans, who want nothing more than for our favorite movies to be adorned with the coolest art possible. Unfortunately, the art form isn't exactly what it used to be...

NECA Unveils Retro Ash and New Aliens Figures

NECA Toys has unveiled your first look at some of its new figures for 2014, and though you cannot dig your claws into these goodies yet, just seeing them puts the ho-ho-ho in horror! Check 'em out and feel your wallets start burning.

News Lost in Translation: Fede Alvarez Still on Evil Dead Sequel

Yesterday it was reported webwide that Evil Dead remake writer Rodo Sayagues and director Fede Alvarez had left the Evil Dead remake sequel. Today a different song is being sung.

Fede Alvarez Leaves Evil Dead Sequel; Trouble Brewing in the Woods

With all the good news coming out recently, it was only a matter of time before something shitty came our way, and yes, this is pretty friggin' shitty. Read on for details.

Evil Dead Remake Trailer Appears Online 80's Style with a Hint of Musky VHS

It's things like this the Internet was created for. Wonder what the trailer for the Evil Dead remake would look like if it were made in the 80s and on VHS? Thanks to YouTuber P. Parker, you don't have to wonder anymore! Its amazing what a little love can do!

#SDCC 2013: Fede Alvarez on Ash, Evil Dead's Future, and More

We sat down with director Fede Alvarez at the Movies on Demand Lounge at the Hard Rock during the San Diego Comic-Con to get you cats the scoop on the film's inevitable sequel and more. Read on for details and info.

San Diego Comic-Con 2013: You're Invited to the Evil Dead Bash

That's right! As if Comic-Con wasn't shaping up to be cool enough, add the Evil Dead Blu-Ray Release Party to the list of must-attend events! There'll be red carpet photo ops with Fede Alvarez and Jane Levy. Groovy!

Fede Alvarez Talks Evil Dead Sequel

With his version of Evil Dead finally available on Blu-ray and DVD, director Fede Alvarez has been a bit more chatty regarding its sequel, whether it be Evil Dead 2 or Army of Darkness 2. Check it out!

SXSW 2013: Huge News... Evil Dead 2 Already in the Works

We just got a call from Heather Wixson, who's covering the premiere of Evil Dead at South by Southwest, and there's lots of good news and positive reviews coming out of the screening. While we're happy about that, it's this next tidbit of info that has us really excited...

Incredible Animated Evil Dead Tribute

Here at Dread Central we've shown you guys a lot of cool things, from mash-ups to art galleries, but we really have to say that the following animated tribute to the Evil Dead franchise completely takes the proverbial cake. Dig it!

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: NECA Reveals Three SDCC Exclusives

The 2012 San Diego Comic-Con is just a little over a month away, which means the toy companies are starting to announce their exclusives for the big show. On tap today we have early looks at three of NECA's SDCC exclusives:

It Came from the Internet: Evil Dead 2 Rotoscoped! Nicolas Cage's Manager! Norman Bates Motel Advice!

Sometimes we come across videos in our daily sweep of the wondrous series of tubes call the Internet that we just HAVE to share with you guys. Get ready for three fine examples of web-based goodness that you're bound to watch again... and again... and again....

Vote for the 2012 Home Media Magazine Awards

Consumer voting for the 2012 Home Media Magazine Awards has begun. HMM, you may recall, has been our partner in crime for the Reaper Awards over the past few years. Along with the typical categories of Best Theatrical, Best Direct-to-Video, Best Current TV Show, and lots more, they also have a Best Horror category.

NECA Delivers Another Look at Evil Dead 2's Ash

We apologize in advance for any typos you may find in this particular news story. It's very hard to type when there are gallons of drool leaking out of the side of your mouth. Feast your eyes! Glut your soul! Feel your wallet burning!

Toy Fair 2012: A Preview of NECA's Evil Dead 2 Action Figures

IT'S NECA TIME! Yes, kiddies, those fine folks who brought you Lost Boys, Robocop, 60 Freddies, 70 Jasons and 200 Gremlins are now tackling a film near and dear to our hearts and inexplicably overlooked by the toy gods: EVIL DEAD 2!