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Daybreakers Artwork and Blu-ray / DVD Details

Some more info on the upcoming home video release of The Spierig Brothers' tasty beginning of the year vampire treat Daybreakers! As earlier reported, the flick is making its way home to Blu-ray and DVD on May 11th, and we've got the skinny on what to expect!

Daybreakers Coming Home to Blu-ray and DVD

The Spierig Brothers' tasty beginning of the year vampire treat Daybreakers is making its way home to Blu-ray and DVD on May 11th. Details surrounding special features are unavailable at press time, but we'll keep our fangs to the grind for ya!

Is The Woman In The Fifth a Psycho?

Ah, the romantic horror flick! It's just so easy to fall in love with a psycho nowadays. Just ask my girlfriend! Anyway there's a new murderous thriller on the way for those of you looking to enjoy a bit of death with your sex!

Motion Picture Purgatory: Daybreakers

Most of us around the Dread Central offices rather enjoyed the new spin on the vampire mythos offered by Daybreakers so of course we were curious to see what Trembles thought. Today we got our answer.

Update: New Daybreakers Clip and Eleven Minutes of B-Roll

Clip number six from Lionsgate's latest vampire flick Daybreakers showed up online today to give fans looking forward to the film a bit of a history lesson about the dreaded Subsiders. Get ready for some gloriously ugly bloodsuckers that don't even remotely sparkle!

Ethan Hawke Talks Daybreakers

When you think of Ethan Hawke, I can almost guarantee that you wouldn’t necessarily associate him with the horror genre. But that’s one thing the seasoned thespian (Hawke stays busy both on the big screen as well as in the theater) is about to change this Friday when Daybreakers gets released.

Latest Daybreakers Clip Features Sam Neill

We're just days away from the release of Lionsgate's latest foray into the world of vampirism, Daybreakers, and Lionsgate has released a fifth clip to help get your butts ready and in gear for a night with a bloodsucker.

Over a Dozen New Daybreakers Stills! Be Recruited!

With Lionsgate's toothy vampire flick Daybreakers just days away, the studio's letting loose all the promotional stuff you could ask for. Including the following stills, which just so happen to be home to some really nasty looking vamps!

Two New Daybreakers Clips Bring the Goodies

Another day, another bit of Daybreakers goodness! This time two new clips that aren't afraid of showing some monsters and action! YAY bringing the violence to close out the week!

UPDATED: Another New Daybreakers Clip and the Outdoor Poster

As we inch ever closer to Daybreakers' January 8th premiere, Lionsgate's PR machine keeps rolling out the goods. Today we have a new clip featuring Ethan Hawke arguing blood ethics with his little vampire brother who hunts down humans for the new Army.

Daybreakers - Second Viral Video

More Daybreakers goodness is coming out of Lionsgate's camp today in the form of a new viral clip.

Have a Blood Riot with Daybreakers

More news from Lionsgate's toothy Daybreakers camp! This time it comes in the form of an exclusive clip that shows riots, especially those involving vampires, can be quite bloody!

See What Happens When Vampires Take Over Courtesy of Daybreakers

Much like Warner Bros. did when promoting The Final Destination, Lionsgate has teamed up with Break.com to put together an awesome "takeover" page for the studio's upcoming vampire thriller Daybreakers.

Capture Humans with Facebook and Daybreakers

To celebrate Lionsgate's first theatrical vampire film of 2010, Daybreakers, the powers-that-be have devolped a pretty nifty way to help you, help them, capture humans using Facebook Connect.

Follow Daybreakers on Twitter

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