Eliza Dushku

Alphabet Killer & Pontypool Trailers

Those sickos over at Arrow in the Head got their hands on the trailer for Rob Schmidt’s The Alphabet Killer, coming our way soon from Anchor Bay, and all you have to do is scroll down a bit to feast thine eyes upon it!

Exclusive Alphabet Killer Poster

Movie posters have become a lost art form. Remember back in the Eighties when even the smallest productions like Mortuary or The Boogens had great poster art? Decades later all we usually get are the floating heads of teens looking pensive, but every now and again we get a good one. Better yet, we have an exclusive look at a really good one for you!

Two-Week Break for Dollhouse

We told you a few weeks ago about Joss Whedon's plan to film a new pilot for his upcoming TV show "Dollhouse" and then air the old one as the second episode, which seemed a bit strange in and of itself.

Whedon's Dollhouse to Air Out of Order

In a very strange twist of events, Joss Whedon has decided that his newest show for Fox, “Dollhouse”, will air out of sequence. Fans of the man’s work may recall this was one of the many contributing factors to the quick death of “Firefly”, only this time it’s not because of studio interference.

First Look at Dollhouse Cast!

Our man “Hunter” just gave us another heads up, this time pointing us to Wired Magazine’s blog, which landed itself the first cast pic from Joss Whedon’s “Dollhouse”.

Whedon's Dollhouse Set for Mid-Season

Hey, all you Joss Whedon junkies, whose number I proudly count myself among. As you may have noticed, there’s more and more news out there about new TV shows being picked up, so of course the question of Whedon’s new one, “Dollhouse” with former Slayer Eliza Dushku, has been asked.

Trailer for Open Graves

I hate to say it, but I’ve never heard of Open Graves before today. No, not Open Grave, the Eduardo Sanchez movie we’re still waiting for an update on, but Open Graves, plural, which stars Mike Vogel (Cloverfield) and Eliza Dushku (Wrong Turn). The film marks the directorial debut of Álvaro de Armiñán, who served second AD duties on Juan Carlos Fresnadillo’s Intacto.

Whedon Back on TV!

Despite almost making it big in movies, his Wonder Woman gig has been indefinitely shut down, so Joss Whedon is getting back to doing what fans love him for most: TV.

Alphabet Killer Caught?

How often have you heard about a film based on a real series of killing actually helping to solve the crime? This is a first time for me...

The Alphabet Killer's Big Trailer

Eliza Dushku and Cary Elwes have returned to the horror genre in a rather interesting true crime story, The Alphabet Killer (previous news here). The film is based on the murder/rape of three young girls Rochester, NJ during the 1970s.

Malloy, Tom & Terlecki, Russell (The Alphabet Killer) Audio

We’ve been following Rob Schmidt’s return to the director’s chair after Wrong Turn, a cool sounding movie called The Alphabet Killer, since it was first announced. The film wrapped production on Janua

Dushku After a Killer

Rob Schmidt knows a good thing when it’s staring him in the face. He got to spend some time in the woods with Eliza Dushku a few years back making Wrong Turn, and now that he’s on to his next feature, he’s making sure he keeps her around. Smart guy.

Schmidt on Masters, Killers

Ever on the path for new Masters of Horror info, Fango got to chat up Wrong Turn helmer Rob Schmidt about his entry for Season Two, "Right to Die," which he describes as a modern ghost story about the right to die issue.