Elissa Dowling

Telephone World Rings Up a Release Date, New Trailer, Stills, and Official Artwork

It's been over 3-1/2 years since we first heard about Ramzi Abed's suspenseful and mind-bending film Telephone World, but now that it's being released in July by Cinema Epoch, we've hit the mother lode with new stills, artwork, trailer, and more!

The Axeman at Cutter’s Creek Hacks His Way to Distro

We've been talking about the upcoming Eighties inspired slasher flick The Axeman at Cutter's Creek for a long time now and finally the little bloody flick that could has nailed itself some distribution. Read on for details.

First Teaser for The Axeman at Cutter's Creek

We have talked a lot about the upcoming Eighties inspired slasher flick The Axeman at Cutter's Creek, and now it's finally time to tease you with a little more eye candy. Get ready for a first look teaser trailer!

Axeman at Cutter’s Creek Set Visit Report, Exclusive Image Gallery, and Update

In the fall of last year we ventured into the mountains just outside of Big Bear, California, to the set of then-filming feature Axeman at Cutter’s Creek and while there chatted with many of the flick’s principal players.

Official Full Trailer Debut for Ramzi Abed's Noirland

What's this? A story that has nothing to do with Comic-Con or Fantasia? We can hardly believe it either, but when Ramzi Abed dropped us a line to let us know the full official trailer for his upcoming film Noirland is here, we jumped at the chance to share it.

Buddy Giovinazzo Has A Night of Nightmares

Indie maven Buddy Giovinazzo (Combat Shock, Maniac 2, Life Is Hot In Cracktown, The Theatre Bizarre) is back with a new film, A Night of Nightmares; and the first stills, art, and more have made their way online! Check out the goods right here, right now!

New Teaser Trailer for Ramzi Abed's Noirland

We've been talking about Ramzi Abed's Noirland for a few years now, but the indie filmmaker tells us that the official trailer will debut at the end of the summer, and he'll soon be announcing the film's LA premiere for this fall. In the meantime here's a new teaser that features co-stars James Duval and Elissa Dowling.

Watch the First Ten Minutes of Ramzi Abed's Telephone World

We've been talking about Ramzi Abed's Telephone World for quite some time, and we now have the chance to see the first ten minutes, which are primarily in the form of the opening titles of the film with original music by The Bystanders. Abed promises the entire film will be premiering soon.

Exclusive Set Report and Image Gallery from Buddy Giovinazzo's Ginger

The first thought that came to mind upon arriving to director Buddy Giovinazzo’s then-shooting supernatural horror flick Ginger on Sunday, December 18 of 2011 was, “This looks like some place Charles Manson would have frequented back in the Sixties.” As I was to find, I was correct in that assumption, and as it turned out, Giovinazzo himself, too, was working hard to add yet another creepy chapter to the location’s storied past alongside Ginger stars Marc Senter and Elissa Dowling.

New Film Ginger Spices Up the Supernatural

Word of The Theatre Bizarre alumnus Buddy Giovinazzo's new flick has finally hit this crazy thing we lovingly call the interwebs, and we have the details for you on tap and ready to be poured into your horror-loving cerebellum.

A Clip and New Still from Ramzi Abed's Telephone World

Filmmaker Ramzi Abed's reality horror film Telephone World is nearing completion, and he has provided Dread Central readers with a clip of what he considers a pivotal moment. He advised, "Turn out the lights, and turn it up. It's a piece of the mood and magic of the film... Everything that happens in it is 100% real."

Official Teaser Debut and More Details on Ramzi Abed's Telephone World

It was just about a year ago when we first heard about writer/director Ramzi Abed's latest project, Telephone World, and now we have an update for you along with the official teaser trailer.

New Cannes 2011 Marketing Teaser for Noirland

Indie filmmaker Ramzi Abed dropped us a line today to let us know the new and official 2011 Cannes Marché du Film marketing teaser for his new feature film Noirland is available to share with our readers. The film is nearing the final stages of editing but still has mixing and scoring up next.

Enter Ramzi Abed's Telephone World

In the world of experimental filmmaking, one name keeps popping up: indie auteur Ramzi Abed. Today Ramzi dropped us a line about yet another new project he's working on, Telephone World, which the writer/director describes as both intense and quite special.

Exclusive: Creep Creepersin Talks Brides of Sodom and The Brothers Cannibal

Dread Central recently caught up with director, musician, screenwriter, and actor Creep Creepersin - the man behind such B-feature romps as Orgy of Blood and Vaginal Holocaust - to find out what he’s been up to, and it seems that the historically prolific amount of macabre material leaking from his sleeve hasn’t ebbed one bit given his current productions.