Eileen Dietz

The Bloodbath Theory - Horror Radio Interview with The Exorcist's Eileen Dietz

Hey there, gore geeks! So happy to be back with THREE YEARS in the horror business under my belt! Join Amy Lynes and myself for the first episode of Dread Central and Dark Moon Press Presents The BloodBath Theory on SpookShow TV and right here at Dread Central!

Live In or Near NYC? Plan Your Weekend Around the Brooklyn Zombie Crawl or the Macabre Faire Film Festival

Wake up, East Coast! So what if Memorial Day is over? Another great weekend is ahead with your choice of attending either a Long Island film fest where you can meet the face of Pazuzu or a zombie crawl in Brooklyn... or both!

First Trailer and Artwork for Jason Hawkins' The Devil Knows His Own

Word of a new indie flick heading our way landed in our inbox this week, and here's a look at the first trailer, artwork, and more for Jason Hawkins' The Devil Knows His Own.

Some Info on Eileen Dietz's Upcoming Bio Exorcising My Demons

Few films have had as much of an impact on the horror genre as The Exorcist, and a big reason is the presence of Pazuzu, as portrayed by Eileen Dietz. Now Eileen has a new book coming out called Exorcising My Demons, and we have the early details right here.

Tip of the Scalpel to The Scariest Movie of All Time - The Exorcist

Demon: I'm not Regan. Father Karras: Well, then let's introduce ourselves. I'm Damien Karras. Demon: And I'm the Devil. Now kindly undo these straps. Father Karras: If you're the Devil, why not make the straps disappear? Demon: That's much too vulgar a display of power, Karras.

In or Near Los Angeles? Attend Butterfly's Farewell Midnight Show on August 26th

This Friday, August 26th, at Laemmle Sunset 5 in West Hollywood, California, there will be a "farewell" midnight screening of writer/director Edward E. Romero's Butterfly in advance of the film's appearance at the upcoming American Film Market in November. Read on for the details.

The Exorcist Added to the National Film Registry

And another notch has been added to the horror genre's ever growing belt of credibility! The Library of Congress has added the best and most frightening tale of demonic possession to their official National Film Registry.

Another New Teaser One-Sheet - Job

Some movies take years to cook and ferment before they can get made. Sadly this happens for a variety of reasons. Job is just such a project, and we're told that it's finally in the latter stages of development. Either way, a new teaser one-sheet was sent our way and we have it for you right here.

Have a Ghastly Time in the Witches Playground

The upcoming indie feature Witches Playground is trying its hardest to get off the ground, and damn it we're here to try and give it a bit of a push. Check out the "first look" trailer and artwork, and give us your verdict! Yea or nay?

NECA's Latest Exorcist Collectible Will Have Your Head Spinning

Now here is something we've been waiting for FOREVER! A deluxe collectible from The Exorcist featuring little Reagan strapped to her bed and thoroughly possessed. Pretty cool, no? But wait .... there's more!

Job Gets Closer to His Day of Reckoning: Casting News and Killer Concept Art

It's been a long time since last we talked about John Gray's religion-gone-awry themed slasher Job, but there are finally some goodies to report so we figured we'd share!

Trailer of the Mountain Witch

One of these years I have to attend the American Film Market. The great thing about AFM is that it more or less gives me a head's up on the movies I will more than likely be reviewing in the coming year. For example, Legend of the Mountain Witch, a film that looks like a melding of Blair Witch and The Final Terror, a film I can almost guarantee I will be the one at Dread Central reviewing when it arrives on DVD.

Eileen Dietz Cast in Halloween 2

Some interesting news came in earlier tonight from someone close to the production of Rob Zombie's Halloween 2. Despite the film rolling tomorrow, yet another cast member has signed on to increase the sequel's horror pedigree, this time it's The Exorcist's Eileen Dietz.