Eduardo Sanchez

Sundance 2013: Q&A with Filmmakers Simon Barrett, Gregg Hale, Eduardo Sanchez, Adam Wingard, Jamie Nash, and Kyle Crosby

S-VHS, the sequel to found footage anthology V/H/S, has had its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival (look for a review soon), and we have a transcript of the Q&A that followed right here for you.

Sundance 2013: Teaser Trailer for S-VHS Now Online

Entertainment Weekly is home to the teaser trailer debut of S-VHS, the sequel to found footage anthology V/H/S, which is premiering in a few days at Sundance; and we have your hookup right here!

First Look at Eduardo Sanchez's Bigfoot Flick Exists

A throng of Bigfoot movies have hit the market lately, and believe it or not, the only one to deliver on any kind of level came from The Asylum of all places. That being said, all eyes are on The Blair Witch Project's Ed Sanchez to give us what we're looking for.

V/H/S/2 Attracts More Genre Talent in Gareth Evans and Eduardo Sanchez

Well now. This didn't take long. Fans of this year's horror anthology V/H/S can rejoice, for there's a sequel already taking shape and attracting some considerable talent.

Lovely Molly (Blu-ray / DVD)

Starring Gretchen Lodge, Johnny Lewis, Alexandra Holden Directed by Eduardo Sanchez

New Lovely Molly Commentary Clip and a Look at the Lenticular Packaging

Alrighty, kids! On tap right now we have both a commentary clip and a look at the lenticular packaging for Image Entertainment's upcoming release of the disturbing little flick Lovely Molly! Check it out! The power of Christ compels you to do so!

New Lovely Molly Featurette Asks if It's Real

Another new featurette has landed online for Image Entertainment's upcoming release of the disturbing little flick Lovely Molly, and we have every inquisitive second of it on tap for you cats right here. Dig it!

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Ed Sanchez and Gretchen Lodge Talk Lovely Molly

During the chaos of the San Diego Comic-Con, it was really hard to find a spot to set up an on-the-go office for you cats so we could bring you the headlines from the event as they happened. Thankfully there was a savior within our midst.

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Exclusive - Producers Mark Ordesky and Jane Fleming and Director Ed Sanchez Talk Exists

While promoting Lovely Molly here at the San Diego Comic-Con, we sat down briefly with producers Mark Ordesky and Jane Fleming and director Ed Sanchez to get the skinny on the upcoming Bigfoot flick Exists.

Lovely Molly's Evil Spreads to Blu-ray and DVD

Now enjoying a limited theatrical release (see it if you can find it), Lovely Molly is gearing up for her permanent home via Image Entertainment, and we've got the first details you need right here along with a tiny bible and some holy water.

Demonic Forces Continue to Plague Lovely Molly

Another video in the series of virals which explore the rich mythology surrounding Lovely Molly has hit the interwebs, and we've scooped it up for ya and have it here for your viewing pleasure. Dig deep, kids!

Disturbing and Not Safe For Work Clip from Lovely Molly

A new clip from Eduardo Sanchez's latest film, Lovely Molly, has surfaced; and it's home to the spookiest not safe for work footage yet. Pull down your shades, plug in your headphones, and enjoy. If you get busted, it's on you!

Explore the Demonic History of Lovely Molly

A new video entry into the rich mythology surrounding Lovely Molly has come our way, and this time we get into the demonic aspects of this latest terror tale from Eduardo Sanchez.

Three New Images from Lovely Molly Get Down and Dirty

Another three stills have arrived from the upcoming slowburn fear fest that is Eduardo Sanchez's (The Blair Witch Project) new flick, Lovely Molly. Check 'em out, and say a little prayer to whomever or whatever you believe in. Ya can't be too careful!

Another Exclusive Look at Lovely Molly's Haunted Past

Keeping the spookiness coming at you fast and furious, we have landed another must-see exclusive video for you to dig on. Pull up a chair, and get ready for Lovely Molly: Haunted Past Part 2.