Ed Ackerman

Having Had Enough Meat, Drew Daywalt Wants More Teeth

Know what we love? Getting a press release announcing that Drew Daywalt is once again toiling around in his Fear Factory. So what's the short-form horror maestro up to next? Read on for details.

Annual ArieScope Halloween Short Now Online - Downloading and You

Shot in the style of a 1950's PSA, the yearly Halloween short from Adam Green and ArieScope Pictures (lucky #13 this year!) has landed online today, taking a lighthearted swing at the illegal downloading predicament. Internet pirates, take warning! The rest of you, watch and enjoy!

Play Halo: Reach with Hatchet II Cast and Crew Next Week!

Fan of Hatchet and Hatchet II? On Xbox 360 and have a hankering to shed some blood with the folks who know all about bringing the violence? Then, brothers and sisters, you had best clear your calendars and break out your copy of Halo: Reach! From the ArieScope Website:

This Valentine's Day Spread Some Damn Love

On this special day love is in bloom, and along with the warm and fuzzies, we're proud to present a new short film from one of our favorite indie filmmakers, Blake Reigle! Are you ready to celebrate some Damn Love?