Dracula: The Dark Prince

Suck on These New Stills From Dracula: The Dark Prince

Saddle up, folks! It's time to ride off to Transylvania to dig on the latest bits of eye candy from the next vampyric offering, Lionsgate's Dracula: The Dark Prince. Bite down and chew slowly.

Dracula: The Dark Prince Puts the Bite on DVD

Somewhere along the way we officially lost count of all the various Dracula and Frankenstein projects that are headed our way. We'll straighten it all out eventually, but for now here's the skinny on the latest Drac DVD from Lionsgate, Dracula: The Dark Prince.

AFM 2012: Distro Deals for Home and Stung; New Titles Announced Include Witch Tale Blood Shed and Dracula: The Dark Prince

More news from the 2012 AFM: distro deals for Nicholas McCarthy's Home and Benni Diez's killer bee thriller Stung plus early info on new witch tale Blood Shed and new vamp flick Dracula: The Dark Prince.