Doug Jones

More Info on Carnies

Personally speaking, one film I've been looking forward to forever is Brian Corder's Carnies. Headlined by two classy genre greats (Reggie Bannister and Doug Jones), it's a premise that every genre fan has got to love. And we've got some more info to help whet your appetite! C'mon in and check it out!

Guillermo del Toro Getting Ready to Rock with Frankenstein

I'm one of the few people who didn't mind the news that visionary director Guillermo del Toro was off of The Hobbit. Don't get me wrong; it's sad to think that we'll never see what del Toro had planned for Middle Earth, but his departure would mean that he'd have more time to devote to other projects ... like his remake of Frankenstein that we've been salivating over since it was announced.

Carnies to Receive October VOD/DVD Release

One film we've been talking about for a while now is Brian Corder's Carnies starring Reggie Bannister, Doug Jones, and Lee Perkins. It's with a great deal of pleasure that we announce that finally we have a time frame on when we can see this friggin' thing! Amen!

Carnies is a Wrap!

There’s just nothing quite like a bloody old fashioned freak show. Word is coming from director Brian Corder that his new film Carnies has reached a state of geek completion.

Fear Itself: Skin & Bones (2008)

Reviewed by Morgan Elektra Starring Doug Jones, Molly Hagan, John Pyper-Ferguson Directed by Larry Fessenden

SDCC 08: Angel of Death From Sideshow!

As our Comic Con gallery continues to grow (something tells me it’s not done yet), we keep seeing more and more cool shit we have to bring to your guys’ attention. This morning it is Death.

Baquero, Ivana (Pan's Labyrinth) Audio

When you finally get to see Guillermo del Toro’s latest masterpiece, Pan’s Labyrinth (opening in

Carnies Trailer Lives!

Just got a heads up from Brian Corder, director of the upcoming indie horror flick Carnies, that the first teaser trailer has made its way online via the sickos over at Toxic TV. Doug Jones, Chris Stvaiski, Dave Markham and Reggie Bannister star in this twisted tale of murder and mayhem at a travailing carnival during the 1940’s.

A Visit to the Set of Carnies!

So my good friend Reggie Bannister gave me a call and asked if I would like to drive out to Ontario, CA to visit the set of his new film Carnies. I didn’t have anything going on and I always love seeing the Reg-man work, so I hopped in the car and headed up the 909.

Exclusive New Carnies Pics!

Check it out; we just received six brand-new pics from the upcoming Reggie Bannister/Lee Perkins film Carnies. The film is set back in the heyday of carnivals and tells of murder and mayhem at the site of the latest Knuckles Brothers Show. We’re still waiting to hear about some kind of distro, but when you’d done with these pics be sure to check out a ton more, as well as a more detailed synopsis and broader look at the cast and crew, at the film’s official site!