First Look at Doomsday Infected!

Neil Marshall’s final pre-release Doomsday blog just appeared over on his MySpace page, featuring a ton of new pics from the film including the one you see on your right. That’s his wife, Axelle, in one of her two roles in Doomsday.

Doomsday Site is Offiically Open!

All right, just under a month left before Neil Marshall’s Doomsday hits theaters (be sure to check out our ass-kicking contest for it right here) and finally the film’s official site has opened up beyond just the trailer.

Behind the Doomsday

Neil Marshall’s MySpace page just got a very sweet update featuring a ton of behind the scenes pics from his latest film, Doomsday, out March 14th from Rogue Pictures!

The Doomsday Trailer & New Pics Are Here!

Doomsday is coming, we all know when (“Doomsday Gets a Date!” – January 2008) ... but what will it look like? What will the epic plague on Earth leave in its wake? Will the people who survived outside of the containment zone retain their humanity? Will the disease that drove the human race to near extinction be cured?

Marshall Blogs Doomsday

I really can’t wait for Doomsday. Neil Marshall’s track record to date has shown us a director who loves working in our genre and knows how to do it right and even though Doomsday isn't horror, it is post-apocalyptic and in my book, that’s close enough.

Marshall Still Descending

While Neil Marshall is putting the finishing touches on his next film, Doomsday, which I’m sure is going to blow us all away (check out our Comic Con interviews for a look at why), movement is still happening on The Descent 2 (which may or may not be replacing its “s” with a “2”), which, as we first told you

Doomsday Is Now!

British horror is making a comeback here in the US. Over the past few years we've seen some great films from the UK (surprisingly ... considering the state of Hollywood) getting wide releases in theaters nationwide. Even more refreshing is that some studios are actually making an effort to promote the films ("4 Till Doomsday" - July 26th, 2007).

4 Till Doomsday

Rogue Pictures is starting the PR for Neil Marshall's Doomsday ("Doomsday Draws Near" - July 12, 2007) with the release of four new posters that Bloody Disgusting found while creeping around the San Diego Comic Con today.

First Pics From New Horror!

Man, the folks at Twitch Film got their hands on some very sexy batches of sexiness today!

First Casting for Marshall's Doomsday!

One of the coolest aspects of my recent trip out to London for the set of 28 Weeks Later had absolutely nothing to do with the movie; it was what went on in the hours we weren’t on set seeing the infected fuck shit up.

McCurdy, Sam (Doomsday)

Cinematographer Sam McCurdy’s been working with Neil Marshall from the beginning, with 2002’s Dog Soldiers, and like everyone else who’s worked with the man hopes to continue work

Bowles, Simon (Doomsday)

Like most people who worked on Doomsday, this wasn’t the first time Production Designer Simon Bowles worked alongside director Neil Marshall. Along with being a fantastic director, Mars

Hyett, Paul (Doomsday)

One thing that’s barely given away in all the Doomsday clips and trailer I’ve seen is the effect the Reaper virus has on its victims. We’ve been told it’s horrific, melting your in

Buring, MyAnna (Doomsday)

MyAnna Buring got her start in the eyes of horror fans playing the doomed sister Sam in Neil Marshall’s The Descent and has stayed pretty damn close to our genre ever since. Her role in

Marshall, Neil (Doomsday)

I’ve been a huge Neil Marshall fan since he managed to make a werewolf movie that didn’t suck back in 2002 with Dog Soldiers, seemingly no easy task if you look at the rest of the werewolf films that’ve come out since The Howling. Then he blew minds by actually making a movie that s