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#SDCC14: On Day 3 (July 26) Vamp Out with True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, Salem, AHS: Coven, Constantine, Grimm, Sin City, Lovecraft, Twin Peaks, and More!

Day 3 of SDCC '14 marks the end of an era with "True Blood's" last panel. It's joined by fellow fangers "The Vampire Diaries," the witches of "Salem" and "AHS: Coven," "Grimm," Sin City, "Constantine," Troma, and lots more.

Diamond Select Enlists New Characters Abraham and Eugene for The Walking Dead Minimates Series 5

"The Walking Dead" returns TONIGHT, and new characters Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita will be introduced shortly. Two of them are already being immortalized in plastic as part of Diamond Select's The Walking Dead Minimates Series 5.

Diamond Select Announces Sin City Series 1 Action Figures, First Aliens and Kill Bill Minimates

Diamond Select Toys has a lot of firsts heading our way this summer with several new licenses making their debuts, including Sin City Select Series 1 figures and inaugural Aliens and Kill Bill Minimates sets. Check out what's coming!

Get an Early Look at New Walking Dead Merchandise from Diamond Select Toys Including Minimates Series 5

"The Walking Dead" TV show may be on hiatus, but the hit comic book series keeps rolling along, and Diamond Select Toys has allowed us to unveil some new products based on Robert Kirkman's original creation. Read on for the first look at Minimates Series 5 and more!

Diamond Select's Spring 2014 Line Includes Godzilla, Alien, and an Evil Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Diamond Select Toys has revealed its spring 2014 lineup, and it includes three items that should be of interest to the horror crowd, including their first ever Godzilla and Alien items.

Diamond Select to Release More Universal Monsters Merch Just in Time for Halloween!

Diamond Select does its best to scare us every Halloween with new toys and collectibles based on the classic creatures of Universal Studios' Universal Monsters library, and this year is no different. DST has new action figures, retro-style figures, and vinyl bust banks.

Diamond Select Announces Marvel Zombies Villains Minimates and a Pet Zombie Bottle Opener

It's that time of the month again, when Diamond Select Toys announces its upcoming products, and if you're a zombie fan, you'll want to keep reading for the latest.

San Diego Comic-Con 2013: Diamond Select Bringing Hershel's Farm Minimates to the Show

Another set of The Walking Dead Minimates is on its way from Diamond Select this summer, but there's a catch: The assortment, known as "Hershel's Farm," is a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive.

Diamond Select's Walking Dead Minimates Come to Life in This New Short Film

With the third series of The Walking Dead Minimates arriving June 12th (some have already been spotted at Toys "R" Us), Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum have put together a short film starring all of the TWD Minimates to date.

No More Expensive Importing! Diamond Bringing Godzilla Toys and More to the States

If you're anything like yours truly, then you've already been ripped off by importers 100s of times as a means to nab yourself that cool-ass Godzilla toy from Japan. $100 for Jet Jaguar or Kong from King Kong Escapes? Yep, I've so been there. Those days, though, are coming to a close.

Ghost Rider Rides Again in New Packaging from Diamond Select Toys!

The Marvel Select line has put out some great figures in the past 11 years, but not all of them are easy to find nowadays. Luckily, Diamond Select Toys regularly re-issues some of the more popular figures, and coming out later this year will be the original Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze.

Diamond Select's The Walking Dead Minimates Series 4 Will Rise this Summer

The fourth assortment of The Walking Dead Minimates features one of the most hated villains in comic book history, the Governor, as well as some of his closest friends and worst enemies, and we have a look at them all right here.

The Munsters Action Figures Are Hotroddin' in Series 3 from Diamond Select

The Munsters are back! Following up on two successful series of 7-inch action figures based on the classic TV show, Diamond Select Toys has created a third offering of America's favorite monster family!

Diamond Select's The Walking Dead Minimates Series 3 Is Nearly Here!

The Season 3 finale of “The Walking Dead” airs tomorrow night, and readers of the long-running Skybound comic book on which the show is based cannot wait to see how the Prison vs. Woodbury story arc will play out on the small screen.

Diamond Select Unveils Its Marvel Minimates Strange Tales Box Set

The Marvel Minimates in Diamond Select Toys' upcoming "Strange Tales" box set were inspired by classic Marvel horror comics of yesteryear, but until today they have been only legend. However, new photographic evidence has surfaced...