Dennis Iliadis

Craven & Iliadis to Re-team for Before the Fall Redux?

Though no one over here has heard much about him, Wes Craven is certainly a fan of Last House on the Left remake helmer Dennis Iliadis. While attending the film’s premiere the other night, the Bloody Disgusting boys got wind of a new project the duo are ramping up, a remake of the Spanish film Before the Fall.

Last House on the Left Redux Trailer!

Just the other day we showed you some brand-new images from the upcoming Last House on the Left remake, and now Rogue has released the first trailer for it to get you even more excited!

Last House Cast Come Knocking

Sometimes a remake might not be a bad thing. Sure, we've seen plenty of bad ones, made for really bad reasons, but then there are filmmakers out there that just want to improve on an original and sometimes succeed.

New Last House Director Courted

Though we have our own wish list of who should direct the long-discussed remake of Last House on the Left (there are some directors out there with a real vision for a new version), Wes Craven is circling one man in particular to get behind the remake.