Jezebeth Teases Us

It's not right to read someone else's diary, especially when said diary belongs to a devil worshipping sadist. You know doing shit like that just has to end badly.

Megan Fox Bares Her Fangs in Jennifer's Body

Ah, Megan Fox. Those curves. Those eyes. Those flesh-ripping fangs! Wanna see Miss Thing getting all demonic? Get ready to offer up your neck. You may wanna keep your "digit" to yourself though!

Blood: The Last Vampire (2009)

Reviewed by Gareth Jones Starring Gianna Jun, Allison Miller, Michael Byrne, Yasuaki Kurata Directed by Chris Nahon

The Exorcist Going Blu-ray!

Here's a question ... Once you've watched The Exorcist: The Version You Have Never Seen, do you get mad every time that you look at the box and notice that it's now lying to you, or do you just accept the "version you have never seen" statement as one of the devil's tricks?

UPDATE: Watch Jennifer's Body Trailer NOW!

Some quick news today regarding when you can see just a wee bit more of Jennifer's Body other than the stills, Fox gabbings, and pictures of flesh-colored Pasties you've been getting for a few months now.

Teaser Poster for Filmax's Exorcismus

Yet another exorcism flick is on the way, this time from Filmax, and we can't recall the devil being this busy since Dick Cheney had a place in the White House!

MPAA Rates Jennifer's Body! Viagra Sales Up 20%!

Megan Fox's new slice of demonic goodness, Jennifer's Body, has just gotten the final word from the MPAA in terms of a rating, and horny, gore-loving guys (and in some cases girls) everywhere should be very happy!

Jennifer's Bloodied Body

A few new images popped up online today of star Megan Fox suffering from a bit more than just the usual monthly cramps in her new film from Fox, Jennifer's Body.

Blood: The Last Vampire - New Demon Slicing Clip

It almost feels like we do as much press for Chris Nahon's Blood: The Last Vampire as we do for that little Rob Zombie movie which will be kicking around in August. After all, what better way to counter-attack the mind-numbing effects of the new Haddonfield than with a hot Asian chick swinging a sword and cutting up the demonic foes that come her way?

Megan Fox Dishes on Jennifer's Body

Everywhere you look lately there's another story about Megan Fox! From Transformers to Jonah Hex the starlet is certainly riding high right now, but there's one project in particular that has us horror fans all hot and bothered -- Jennifer's Body!

Smokin' Hot One-Sheet: Blood: The Last Vampire

Anticipation is growing high for Chris Nahon's live action adaptation of the manga hit Blood: The Last Vampire, and rightly so. The movie looks pretty damned cool! Every cool lookin' movie should have an equally as badass poster, and this latest one is just that!

New Trailer: Blood: The Last Vampire

Yet another new trailer for the Stateside release of Chris Nahon's live action adaptation of Blood: The Last Vampire has risen today and we've got the lowdown on where you can dig it!

US Trailer for Blood: The Last Vampire, Site

Finally there's some word on the US release of Blood: The Last Vampire! Hell, there's even a trailer and a website to dig on! It's a glorious day!

New Stills: Blood: The Last Vampire

Five new stills from Chris Nahon's live action adaptation of Blood: The Last Vampire found their way online today courtesy of Live Journal, and we have them for you hot, fresh, and with a dash of wasabi!