The Dead Files

Get a Sneak Peek of The Dead Files Season 6 Premiere

Travel Channel's "The Dead Files" returns on Saturday, July 12th, with its Season 6 premiere, and to help get you ready for the chills to come, we have a sneak peek to share as Amy and Steve head to Florida City.

The Dead Files Back to Haunt Us Saturday, July 12

One of the best damned paranormal shows ever created, Travel Channel's "The Dead Files," is gearing up for its sixth season premiere, and we have all the details you need to prep for the chills to come.... and make no mistake - they will come.

Travel Channel's Third Annual Weekends to Die For Set to Begin September 27th

Travel Channel’s third annual “Weekends to Die For” programming event begins on Friday, September 27th, kicking off the ultimate Halloween celebration featuring all-new season premieres, specials, and more.

A Sneak Peek of The Dead Files Season 4 Premiere

It's no secret that we here at Dread Central love "The Dead Files" on Travel Channel. With the show set to return on March 8th, the network has released a promo video featuring some of the series' most terrifying and unforgettable moments along with a sneak peek of the Season Four premiere. Check it out!

The Dead Files Season 4 Premieres in March!

If you have yet to see an episode of Travel Channel's outstanding series "The Dead Files," holy cow, are you missing out on the spookiest hour of television you're ever likely to see. Word of Season 4 has come our way. Read on for details.

Exclusive: Amy Allan and Steve DiSchiavi Talk The Dead Files Season 3 and Answer Fan Questions

With the third season of the popular Travel Channel television series "The Dead Files" on the horizon, we sat down with co-hosts Amy Allan and Steve DiSchiavi for a preview of what's to come, and they also answered some fan submitted questions. Read on for the latest!

Watch a Never-Before-Seen 'Lost Episode' of The Dead Files Right Here!

If you read our recent interview with retired NYPD Homicide Detective Steve DiSchiavi, co-star of Travel Channel's "The Dead Files," you heard about his first investigation with medium Amy Allan, and now you can watch it as a "lost episode"!

Exclusive: Opening The Dead Files - An In-Depth Interview with Steve DiSchiavi

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of sitting down with Amy Allan (interview here), physical medium and co-host of Travel Channel's compelling series "The Dead Files." Today we spoke with her partner in crime, Steve DiSchiavi.

Exclusive: Opening The Dead Files - An In-Depth Interview with Amy Allan

For many years I've watched just about every paranormal related show there is. Around 90% of them include a medium or some kind of sensitive who usually ends up making things seem silly what with their "feelings" and such. On "The Dead Files," however, this is far from the case.

Travel Channel's "Weekends to Die For" Return This October

Travel Channel is getting in the Halloween spirit a little early by announcing its second annual "Weekends to Die For" featuring special Friday-through-Sunday night lineups running throughout the month of October.

The Dead Files Returns to Travel Channel for Season Two on April 20th

The date 4/20 means different thing to different people, but for paranormal junkies like us here at Dread Central, it means just one thing: the return of "The Dead Files" to Travel Channel!

Travel Channel Celebrates "Weekends to Die For" Throughout October

With the drought of theatrical horror films hitting the multiplex this October, what's a horror fan to do to get his/her fix in our most favorite of months? We don't know about you guys, but we're heading to TV, where Travel Channel celebrates "Weekends to Die For" throughout October, beginning with the new original mini-series "Making Monsters" premiering on Sunday, October 2 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT.

Travel Channel Getting Set to Open The Dead Files this September

Here at Dread Central we're big fans of paranormal investigation shows. Sure, a lot of them suck, but those that don't are like chocolates left on your pillow at bedtime. Who can resist? The Travel Channel is getting ready to take viewers on a paranormal journey every Friday night beginning September 23 with its haunting new investigative series "The Dead Files". Read on for the details.