Day of the Dead

Joe Pilato Opens His Journal: Another Day in Deadland

There's not a single zombie fan on this planet who does not harbor a soft spot for the infamous Captain Rhodes, played by the always entertaining Joe Pilato in George Romero's classic Day of the Dead. Now, thanks to a new book, you'll get to know him a bit better.

Guillermo del Toro Offers Updates on Several Projects

Guillermo del Toro is a filmmaker with lots on his plate. In addition to his many upcoming feature films including the tasty sounding giant monster bash Pacific Rim, the man also has several more kid-friendly animated horror projects on tap, and we've got an update from him on all of them.

New Yorkers, Consider Yourselves Warned! Hudson Horror Show V Goes Down This Saturday

They've screened some of the grossest, most taboo, obscure and then again classic and memorable films in the history of horror during their brief existence. One of the best little film festivals around, the Hudson Horror Show, rears its ugly head once again!

Hudson Horror Show V Releases Official Trailer

A 12-hour horror marathon isn't something that happens every day. But our friends at Hudson Horror Show are making a habit of it. The fifth installment of their film festival series is scheduled for May 19 in Poughkeepsie, NY, and they have some legendary horror films scheduled to screen as well as some surprises up their collective sleeves.

Guillermo del Toro to Animate the Day of the Dead

Yet another project is in the works for the great Guillermo del Toro, and this one is right up his alley! Read on for all the details which just so happen to fit like a glove!

Hudson Horror Show V Announces Full Line-Up

One of the coolest upstate New York horror events is at it again. The Hudson Horror Show will be presenting its fifth event on May 19th. The entire line-up has now been announced, and one word describes the Hudson Horror Show V films... classic!

Romero's Day of the Dead to Headline Hudson Horror Show V

New Yorkers, check this out! Chris Alo and Tad Ledger, the organizers behind the rapidly growing 12-hour film festival series Hudson Horror Show, are proud to announce the first details for their fifth show. We've got the date and a partial lineup for you. Read on!

First WTF of 2012! Day of the Dead Remake Being Released on Blu-ray in 3D

In 2008 Steve Miner proved to the film masses that he is a rapidly aging and completely out of touch with today's pop culture white guy with his laughable remake of George A. Romero's classic Day of the Dead (review here) (and Day of the Dead Blu-ray review here). Now, years after its initial release, the film is coming back to Blu-ray...in 3D. Why? Just why? Who asked for this?

The Horror Chick Celebrates Dia de los Muertos in Mexico

The holiday of Halloween is definitely well-covered terrain around these parts every year, but for the 2011 version yours truly, Heather Wixson, thought it might be fun to head south of the Border to Playa del Carmen, Mexico, to experience for myself the wonderful customs and rituals of Dia de los Muertos (or Day of the Dead for all you gringos out there) as part of my long-overdue vacation.

UK Release Reminder: Arrow Video's Dawn and Day of the Dead

In case you haven’t made the leap to high definition and availed yourself of Arrow Video’s excellent UK Blu-ray releases of George A. Romero’s flesh-eating classics Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead, fear not as this week sees Dawn following hot on the heels of last week’s Day in an amazing four-disc DVD edition.

Taurus Entertainment Ready to Cash-in on Fans with Another Day of the Dead Remake in 3D

If there's one film company out there whom we take an extreme amount of issue with, it is James Glenn Dudelson and Ana Clavell's Taurus Entertainment. The reason is because the duo take properties they ended up owning through some minor miracle and then give them horrendous in-name-only sequels to fool fans into watching and possibly buying. They're back and ready to do more damage.

CONTEST CLOSED! UK Readers – Win a Copy of the New Day of the Dead Blu-ray!

Next Monday, 5th April, sees the UK release of Arrow Video’s amazing high-def reissue of George Romero’s classic Day of the Dead - and we’ve got three copies to give away to lucky readers!

Sneak Peek at Living Dead Dolls Series 20: Day of the Dead

Living as close to Mexico as we do, next to Halloween, many Dread Central staffers' favorite holiday is the Day of the Dead (or El Día de los Muertos) so you can bet we'll be first in line to order the super badass Living Dead Dolls Series 20, which is based around the festivities.

Day of the Dead (UK Blu-ray)

Reviewed by Gareth Jones Starring Lori Cardille, Richard Liberty, Joe Pilato, Gary Klar, Terry Alexander, Anthony Dileo, Jr., Howard Sherman Written and directed by George A. Romero Distributed by Arrow Video

Day of the Dead Comic Preview

For those of you who don't know, there is a monster-sized Blu-ray of George A. Romero's Day of the Dead (story here) on its way to lucky fans in the UK that will feature an exclusive comic tie-in from badass comic maven Stef Hutchinson. Because we love you guys so damned much, we've got some preview pages for you to dig on.