David Gelb

Reawakening Becomes Lazarus; Gets a Release Date

Over the summer we told you about an upcoming zombie flick called Reawakening, which was building up a pretty respectable cast. Though we hadn't heard anything in the past couple of months, it has returned to our radar today with a brand new name as well as a release date.

Sarah Bolger Has a Reawakening

"Once Upon a Time" star Sarah Bolger has signed on for active duty in Lionsgate's upcoming Reawakening, and after watching her deal with fairy tale characters so long, it should be interesting to see how she handles the return of the deceased.

Community and American Horror Story Cast Members Join Lionsgate's Reawakening

As horror fans know all too well, bringing folks back from the dead rarely has a happy ending, and two familiar faces from popular TV shows are about to learn that first-hand now that they've joined Lionsgate's upcoming Reawakening.

Olivia Wilde and Mark Duplass Experience an Awakening for Lionsgate

Death, though necessary, sucks. Mainly because it seems as if only the good or intelligent are taken from us too soon while the mean and ignorant live on seemingly forever. Still, maybe some day someone will find a cure for it. Too bad you can't cure stupid.