Darren Bousman

Repo! The Genetic Opera Blu-ray and DVD Art

Words alone cannot describe how happy I am that Repo! The Genetic Opera is getting a proper DVD and Blu-ray release! Without question it's one of the most visually outrageous movies to come along in quite some time, and in HD? It's gonna be sweet!

UPDATED: Repo Road Tour Expands!!

Good news came in from Darren Bousman today! Thanks to the sold-out shows everywhere that the Repo Road Tour went, even more dates have been added in more cities!

Repo! Cast & Crew Video Interviews!

Comic-Con may be over, but we're still going through the massive amount of video Buz and Kasch shot during the event and today we can bring you some more fruits of their labor!

In NYC? See Repo! for Free!

All right, two more bits of Repo! goodies to share with you guys in celebration of the film finally being released this Friday!

Mother's Day Scribe Found!

The question on everyone's mind right now has to be "What's the status of that Mother's Day remake?" Inquiring minds got what they wanted today in STYD's interview with Darren Bousman, wherein the Repo! director announced that a writer has been picked up for his eventual remake of the classically bad Charles Kaufman feature.

Bousman Talks Repo, Saw, Etc!

Darren Bousman is a man with lots to say. His journey with Repo: The Genetic Opera (review here) alone is enough to fill up a good sized book with scandalous stories, etc.

Stunning New Clip from Repo! Online!

Another clip from the musical epic known as Repo! The Genetic Opera has just hit online, and this bit of head-bobbing goodness is a real keeper! Dig on the video below, and scroll all the way down when you're done to order yourself a copy of the Repo! The Genetic Opera soundtrack (review here)!

Sexy Paris Hilton Repo! Featurette

Just a few more weeks till Darren Bousman’s Repo! The Genetic Opera makes its way to theaters, so we’re just going to keep shooting you up with info like the Repo! junkie you are!

Darren Bousman to Stay Twisted

There have been many good things to come out of the 2008 Scream Awards (expect a list of winners soon), and an interesting little tidbit has crept its way into our ever listening ears. Saw sequel and Repo-man Darren Lynn Bousman let it fly tonight that he will be making another horror movie with Twisted Pictures that will star Repo alumna Alexa Vega.

Repo! Theatrical Listings

In case you weren’t sure, here’s your list of where you can see Repo! The Genetic Opera when it opens on November 7th. Sure it’s not the most extensive theatrical release but trust me, it’s worth the trip to see it. Check out the Repo! MySpace page to learn more about the film and get a taste of the music that populates it.

More Details on Scream 2008 Awards

As Dread Central's resident awards show junkie, I was glad to get an update on this year's Spike TV’s "SCREAM 2008", during which Tim Burton and Wes Craven will receive special awards for their groundbreaking achievements in the horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and comic book genres.

New Behind the Scenes Clip From Repo!

Still psyched to see Repo! The Genetic Opera this November? You damn well better be! If not, it’s no fault of ours; we’ve only been pumping you with info about it since the day it was announced...

Repo! The Genetic Opera Soundtrack Available Now!

"Did you ever think you'd see an album with Sarah Brightman, Paris Hilton and Ogre from Skinny Puppy?" exclaims Darren Lynn Bousman to a roomful of tipsy party-goers.

Repo Soundtrack Next Week!

Hey, did you know the official Repo! The Genetic Opera CD is in stores next week? Of course you did cause we told you about it, and I’m sure you put it on your calendar ... right?

Repo! Road Trip Cities, New Pics!

I have to be honest; when the Repo! Road Tour was first announced, I had hoped there would be a few more stops on it than this ... but that’s what you get for hoping, I guess.