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Another Photo From Ti West's The Innkeepers, Now With 100% More Orb

Horror fans seem to be fairly split on the work of Ti West, but after The House of the Devil, I'm looking forward to anything this guy does. That includes his upcoming haunted house flick The Innkeepers, which promises to bring the spooky.

First Images from Ti West's The Innkeepers

After a long bout of pre-production things are really cooking on Ti West's next project for Dark Sky Films, The Innkeepers, and we've got the first three stills from the shoot to haunt you through the evening!

Casting News on Ti West's The Innkeepers

It's been a while since we've gotten any sort of update on Ti West's upcoming The Innkeepers for Dark Sky Films, but now that this week marks the start of production, we have some solid casting news to share.

Adam Green Updates Hungry Crowley Fans on Hatchet 2 and the Original Hatchet on Blu-ray!

Adam Green has got to be one of the hardest working guys in the genre! Hot off of his most recent flick, Frozen, and currently knee-deep in all things Hatchet 2, one can hardly believe that the director has any free time on his hands. But the dude obviously likes keeping his fans in the loop, which is exactly what he did today!

Bloody Hypothermia Images Stain the Snow Red

As if trying to survive in a land with sub-zero temperatures wasn't tough enough, what if there was also a creature lurking about looking to do a lot more than just tingle your spine? That's what our protagonists are up against in Hypothermia, and if this latest batch of images is any indication of what's to come, these poor folks are in A LOT of trouble!

Michael Rooker Feels the Chill in New Hypothermia Pics!

Though the weather outside is getting warmer and warmer, let's not forget what a miserable snowbound winter this was, especially for those of you who live up North. In case you needed a reminder, some new images from Hypothermia popped up online that are sure to bring you all kinds of chilly haunted memories.

Seventies Shocker Horror Hospital Coming to DVD

Now this is what we're talking about, man! Long lost movies hitting home video in new pristine prints! The news of another never ceases to get us excited, and now that Horror Hospital is coming home, we're downright feverish!

New Behind-the-Scenes Images from Hypothermia Bring the Chill

With all the blizzards happening throughout the country, this is surely both the best and the worst time to be filming a movie called Hypothermia. Some images from the set just surfaced, and damnit, they make us wanna put the heat on!

Hatchet 2 - A Look at Crowley's Swamp

Yet another behind-the-scenes still surfaced out of the swamps of Louisiana today showcasing the place one Mr. Crowley calls home. Not sure which is worse ... him or the gator infested waters! The image below just hit Twitter from director Adam Green, who writes: "Hello from the swamp. Victor Crowley lives!". Yep, indeed he does.

New Hatchet 2 Behind-the-Scenes Image

Production of Adam Green's Hatchet 2 has officially taken up residence on location in the swamps of Louisiana, and as you would expect, things are a bit wet -- and not just from the gallons of grue the crew members have been liberally splashing around!

The Last Lovecraft Lands North American & International Distribution

It took a while, but one of this year's Slamdance films, director Henry Saine's horror comedy The Last Lovecraft: The Relic of Cthulhu, has found distributors for both North America via MPI Media Group's Dark Sky Films and internationally via Cinemavault.

Dark Sky's Hypothermia is Rolling! Full Casting News

Ah, Dark Sky Films. How quickly you've endeared yourself to the black hearts of genre fans everywhere! The studio who proudly wears its love for blood on its sleeve has just checked in with an update on its latest film, Hypothermia! From the Press Release:

Dark Sky's Innkeepers Next Project for Ti West

What a difference a week makes. On Monday we put up an interview with director Ti West in which it sounded like The Haunting in Georgia would be his next project, but today came the news that he's been tapped to helm a haunted hotel film entitled Innkeepers.

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