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Uncle Creepy in Your Home!

I know, because you guys love us so much and appreciate all the hard work we do for you day in and day out, most of you have already started to think about what to get us for Christmas. I’m very easy to shop for, but Uncle Creepy can be a bit picky so, to save you the heartache of getting him something he doesn’t want, I present to you… Uncle Creepy!

SDCC 08 Exclusive: Dark Horse Relaunching AVP!

This just in from our man Andrew Kasch at the San Diego Comic-Con, who got the scoop on something many of us have been looking forward to for a while now. After the depression known as both AVP flicks, Dark Horse Comics is bringing hope back to us nerds everywhere by relaunching the comic book franchise that we've been gushing over for the past 10 years!

Goon Punching His Way to Theaters

Now this just makes me smile; THR got word this morning that Dark Horse, David Fincher and Blur Entertainment are joining forces to bring Eric Powell’s The Goon to the big screen as a CG-anmiated film. And damnit, I love The Goon.

Emily the Strange the Movie

Though something tells me it's not going to be anywhere near our genre when it's finally done, THR reports this morning that Dark Horse's Mike Richardson is getting behind the production of a feature film for Emily the Strange, the gothic girl created by skateboarder Rob Reger back in the 90's who's apparently gone on to become an iconic

New Director for Dylan Dog

Here's a bit of odd news: Last year we heard that the live-action adaptation of the Dylan Dog comics was going to be directed by Snakes on a Plane helmer David R. Ellis (“Dylan Dog is Superman?!” – October 2007), but all that looks to have changed.

Hellboy Gets Mugged

If there's one thing I wish stores like Target and such would carry more of, it'd be Hellboy stuff. I guess everyone's afraid that junior may see the word "Hell" and start saying it around the house, but parents are cool with those little prosti-tot dolls called Bratz...

Dylan Dog is Superman?!

The fellows over at Comic Book Resources got wind of the news regarding who would be playing the lead role in a big screen version of the Italian comic book Dylan Dog. News of the casting was leaked to the Lying in the Gutters column of the site.

Exclusive: First Look at Buffy Season 8!

Scroll down for some exclusive panels from the comic!

Buffy: Season Eight?

The folks over at Entertainment Weekly have posted one seriously bitchin' article on all things Joss Whedon, providing, among many exclusives, a sneak peak at "Buffy: Season Eight", which the man is currently writing as a comic book series.

Wheaton, Mark (The Cleaners)

While the name Mark Wheaton doesn’t jump out at most of you, for me it’s synonymous with the near decade I’ve been working in the online horror community. Wheaton