Dark Delicacies

Girls and Corpses Signing at Dark Delicacies

Mark your datebooks for November 15th for a signing at Dark Delicacies of the recently released Girls and Corpses winter issue and 2010 calendar.

The Hills Run Red and Trick 'r Treat at a Dark Delicacies Signing!

I gotta say Dave Parker's The Hills Run Red having watched it a second time is really starting to grow on me. Trick 'r Treat, on the other hand, knocked me flat from the first frame, and I'm already planning to curl up with the Blu-ray again. The really cool news is that if you want to meet the creative geniuses behind these groovy flicks, keep on reading to get into the know!

In LA? Get a Copy of Grace Signed TODAY!

In LA and need to get your hands on a copy of Grace (review here) on Blu-ray or DVD? Better yet ... need to get one and have it signed? Once again Dark Delicacies is the place to be!

Carolyn, Axelle (Dark Delicacies III, Etc)

I first becam

Axelle Carolyn Talks Horror, Acting, Writing, and Journalism

I first became acquainted with Axelle Carolyn when she authored an article in Fangoria magazine and I was struck by her unusual name. At first I thought she had just flipped her names (I wasn’t aware at the time that “Axelle” is a Belgian/French female given name) and was really Carolyn Axelle.

Gris Grimley's Poe-Illustrated Book Launch

We here at Dread Central love Gris Grimly and his beautifully macabre contributions to the horror genre. And while I don't speak for everyone at Dread Central when it comes to the brilliant works of Edgar Allan Poe, how can you not agree that his rich and atmospheric poetry is perfectly matched alongside Grimly's twisted mind?

A Haunting Signing at Dark Delicacies

Looking to pick up your copy of The Haunting in Connecticut (review here) on DVD or Blu-ray but feel like something would be missing ... like say some autographs from star Kyle Gallner, producers Daniel Farrands and Andy Trapani, and director Peter Cornwell? Well, if you're in or near the Burbank area, Dark Delicacies can help you fix all that!

The Lucent Dossier Experience Joins Vampire-Con

Everyone loves a circus! Vampire-Con has just announced a scheduled performance by vaudeville circus act The Lucent Dossier Experience, who will be performing for the event during Vampirella's Ball on Sunday, August 16th.

Attend the Midnight Walk Signing at Dark Delicacies

There is so much great horror fiction out on the fringe these days that there’s literally something for every niche. And if you don’t feel like limiting yourself to any one subgenre, you can get your hands on some groovy anthology collections that pack a variety of twisted genre tales for your reading pleasure.

UPDATE: Bryan Loves Dark Delicacies

UPDATE: BLY director Seth Landau got us up-to-speed on the revised guest list for the Dark Delicacies signing. Dan Roebuck is out, but in his place comes Jeff Dylan Graham. Jeff has appeared in a number of horror pictures aside from BLY, including 100 Tears and Beyond the Dunwich Horror.

Dreadtime Stories: Del Howison's "The Lost Herd"

Well over a year ago when I first had the idea to do a podcast series of horror authors reading their works for our readers, the first people I approached when I wanted to get a sponsor behind it was Burbank’s Dark Delicacies. Really, when it comes to horror fiction, you don’t get any better than them.

IDW's Horrific Future

IDW Publishing announced a huge slate of new titles during Comic Con, and thankfully they were kind enough to send out one press release detailing all of them. Saves us the time of tracking down bits and pieces for each one, you know?

Dark Delicacies Coming to Your TV?

While I’m sure you’re all eager to check out the first pics from John Landis’ Fear Itself entry, “In Sickness and In Health”, scripted by Jeepers Creepers creator Victor Salva, some far more interesting news was found in the story over on Fangoria that features them...

Exclusive Headless Horseman Clip!

Anthony C. Ferrante’s sophomore directorial effort, Headless Horseman (review), is on DVD stands as you read this, so Ferrante and crew are making sure the horror community knows about it.

Get Your Dead Signed Tuesday!

Got your shiny new Day of the Dead remake DVD and hungry to get it signed? Dark Delicacies has your fix on their menu!