Daredevil Films

Witchfinder Short Film Finds a Teaser Poster

Daredevil Films has released the first teaser poster for its upcoming short horror film Witchfinder, written and directed by Collin Clarke. We like its subtlety and hope it's a sign of good things to come.

Check Out Animated Short Raven's Hollow For Free Right Here!

Fan of computer animation? Fan of vampire horror? Then you've come to the right place. The new short film Raven's Hollow is now available for viewing right here on Dread Central. If you're interested in some impressive CGI, come on in and take a peek.

This October Take a Trip to Raven's Hollow

The Halloween season, as per usual, will no doubt be brimming with all manner of sights and sounds designed to scare the shit out of you. The Internet will be no different as we received word of a pretty badass looking short film from Daredevil Films called Raven's Hollow.