Danielle Harris

Triple Threat: Danielle Harris, Katie Nisa, and Nicki Clyne in Godkiller

A month or so ago we got our first taste of the "illustrated film" adaptation of Godkiller, written and directed by award-winning filmmaker Matt Pizzolo, when it was announced that Lance Henriksen and Bill Moseley had signed on to the project. Today things got a lot more interesting with the news that three more genre stars, all female, are on board as well.

Mane and Harris On Set in H2

Another candid image from the set of Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 has hit online, this time showing Tyler Mane as Myers (once again sans mask) clowning around with Danielle Harris.

Harris & More Back for Zombie's Halloween 2

Arguably one of the best parts about Rob Zombie's Halloween was Danielle Harris. Say what you want about the movie; she hit it out of the park! Thankfully it seems as if Danielle is coming back along with another familiar face from the first film, Daniel Roebuck.

The Making of Blood Night!

Just the other day we mentioned Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet for the first time, pointing out that those of you going to Monster Mania this weekend will get a chance to see some very cool stuff from the film.

Blood Night at Monster Mania 11!

I keep hearing about Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet in that strange way that a film’s title will become implanted in your brain without you really understanding why. So I guess it was inevitable we mention it in these pages, eh?

Englund, Robert (Fear Clinic)

If there's one person in the horror industry who doesn't have a thing left to prove, it's Robert Englund. He's conquered live theater, been successful in both film and television for over the last 30 years, worked as a film producer and director, and he's now a published author. So, why would s