Damon Lindelof

First News on Prometheus Sequel

A sequel to Prometheus (review)? You can file that under no-brainer as the movie did amazingly well, and director Ridley Scott already said he wants to do another film. Finally there's a little bit of news on the eventual Part 2! Read on!

Drew Goddard Rewrites World War Z Ending

There are many heroes in the universe of World War Z. However, none of them will prove to be more valuable than the guy who can step in and save this troubled production. Enter The Cabin in the Wood's Drew Goddard.

Prometheus C-Section Fun and Games!

There's no doubt about it. The most jarring thing to be found within the movie Prometheus (review) was the voluntary Caesarean scene. Artist James Lee has just delivered into the world a different take on it! Dig it!

Motion Picture Purgatory: Prometheus

Since Prometheus debuted a few weeks ago, we've had viral videos, alien language translations, and walkthroughs all attempting to make sense of it, and now comes Trembles weighing in with his thoughts on the film. Read on to see what he has to say about it.

The Rapture Sucks for The Leftovers

Truth be told, all religions kind of freak me out. Don't get me wrong - believe whatever you need to believe to get you through the day. More power to you even. When the Rapture does come and you go poof into thin air, I'll be sure to feed your pets and check in on your bank accounts.

A Walkthrough of Prometheus for the Confused and Inquisitive

If there's one thing that Ridley Scott's Prometheus (review) did right, it was to spark discussion. While the movie seemed pretty cut and dried to me, lots of folks have lots of questions. Maybe this walkthrough video can lend you cats a hand!

A Translation of What David Said to the Engineer in Prometheus

Prometheus has been in theatres for a few weeks now, and one thing that's been bugging a lot of people is the mysterious monologue that android David speaks to the alien Engineer in the final scenes of the film without subtitles. Well, be bugged no longer!

New Behind-the-Scenes Prometheus Images Show Off an Elder Engineer and More!

Some new images from Ridley Scott's Prometheus (review) hit the 'Net today featuring a look at an Elder Engineer which didn't make the theatrical cut and more! Check 'em out!

World War Z - What Went Wrong?

The road to get the big screen adaptation of the Max Brooks novel World War Z into theatres has been as bumpy as we have ever seen. Prop seizures. Reshoots. Rewrites. You name it, this production has suffered through it. Insiders close to the flick have already started dishing dirt.

The Prometheus Viral Insanity Continues

While Ridley Scott's Prometheus (review) has just started enjoying its Stateside theatrical run, the viral madness - both official and unofficial - is continuing.

Damon Lindelof Rewriting World War Z

Man, World War Z is having one hell of a time making it to the big screen. Everything you can imagine happening to hamper production has, from the recently announced seven weeks of reshoots to the film's firearms being seized by the government. Now another writer is batting clean up.

Logan Marshall-Green, Idris Elba, Damon Lindelof, and Guy Pearce Talk Prometheus

The day is finally here, kids! It's time to return to the Alien universe with Ridley Scott's Prometheus (review), and to keep you excited for the flick. we've lined up another four video interviews for you to chew on!

Unlock Something Cool From Prometheus!

Time to put on your detective caps, kids, as the powers-that-be just sent over a clue to unlock something having to do with Ridley Scott's Prometheus (review). Interested? Of course you are! Read on for details.

Badass Retro Prometheus Poster and IMAX TV Spot

The 1950's was an amazing time for horror and sci-fi flicks. The decade was also home to some truly awesome poster art that thankfully one Prometheus (review) fan remembers all too well! Check it out along with the new IMAX TV spot right here!

Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron and Ridley Scott Talk Prometheus

We're almost there, kids. In just a few more hours Ridley Scott's Prometheus (review) will have landed in theatres. To get you geared up, we have interviews with Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, and Scott himself. Dig it!