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The Borgias' David Alpay to Recur on The Vampire Diaries Season 4

On "The Borgias" he was known as Calvino, an Italian prince, but when David Alpay heads to Mystic Falls for the fourth season of "The Vampire Diaries," he'll be just a commoner named Professor Shane, a charismatic and attractive teacher.

New Key Art and Another Preview of The CW's Beauty and the Beast

We're still on the fence about giving full coverage to The CW's upcoming fall series "Beauty and the Beast," but since some new key art and another promo video have arrived, we thought we'd share them.

Casting News for Supernatural Episode 8.04 - Bitten

"Supernatural" returns to The CW with Season 8 on Wednesday, October 3rd, and while we don't have a lot of additional info yet on the new season (read our report from Comic-Con here), we do have some casting news for the third episode, which is entitled "Bitten".

The Secret Circle's Phoebe Tonkin Heading to Mystic Falls for Recurring Role on The Vampire Diaries

Considering how highly "The Vampire Diaries" executive producer Kevin Williamson always spoke of his "The Secret Circle" star Phoebe Tonkin whenever her name came up, it's no surprise that she's joining "TVD" Season 4. Read on for the details.

The Vampire Diaries Joins Supernatural with 23 Episodes This Season

After giving "Supernatural" fans an extra episode last season, The CW has decided fans of "The Vampire Diaries" deserve the same reward, and both shows will expand to 23 eps during their 2012-13 runs.

The CW President Mark Pedowitz Offers Updates on Battle Royale, Supernatural, The Selection, and More

The Television Critics Association's summer press tour is under way, and The CW's president Mark Pedowitz has shed more light on new projects "The Selection" and "Battle Royale" along with passing on some news that should make "Supernatural" fans happy.

The CW Looking to Bring Battle Royale to the Small Screen as a Weekly Series

Sometimes news comes our way that immediately starts making our heads hurt. This is one of those times. An American remake of the classic Japanese film Battle Royale is something that's been talked about a lot. Now with the success of The Hunger Games...

The Vampire Diaries' Season 4 Premiere Episode Gets a Title

"The Vampire Diaries" returns to The CW on Thursday, October 11th, and thanks to TV Guide we now know the name of the Season 4 premiere episode along with a few other tidbits of what we can expect.

The Vampire Diaries - Elena Finds an Ally

Poor Elena. After an entire season based upon everyone wanting to save her from just about everything you could imagine (and everyone showing up with the short end of the stick), the chick could really use a friend. Help is on the way!

Supernatural Casting News Starts Haunting the Interwebs

Some quick casting news coming in for the next season of the hit spookshow "Supernatural." Ready to find out who the next poor bastard on Sam and Dean's shitlist will be? Or maybe it's someone on their side? Nah, that never happens.

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Cult Panel, Trailer, and New Poster

We'll be posting our roundtable interviews with the cast and crew of The CW's new midseason replacement series "Cult" shortly, but in the meantime we got our hands on the show's SDCC panel along with its new one-sheet and trailer.

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: The Vampire Diaries Photo Gallery and Season 4 Teaser Trailer

We'll have the highlights of our SDCC interviews with "The Vampire Diaries" cast and executive producer up shortly, but we figured that in the meantime you'd like to SEE something rather than just READ something so here are the Season 4 trailer and some photos.

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: The Vampire Diaries Panel STREAMING NOW!

Hey, "Vampire Diaries" fans! Want to see the panel for your favorite show live as it happens? Do so right here right NOW!

Supernatural Season 8 Casting Update and Early Info on a New Recurring Character

A few days ago we learned that in Season 8 of "Supernatural", Sam Winchester is getting a new girl friend, and now we know who will be playing her as well as having the first word on a new recurring character we'll be meeting in Episode 8.03.

Co-Showrunner Robert Singer Provides a Few Supernatural Season 8 Spoilers

We just told you about the special San Diego Comic-Con editions of TV Guide featuring four Warner Bros. TV series, and already spoilers from the 8-page "Supernatural" section have leaked online. WARNING: If you're not caught up on the show, read on at your own peril!