All Hands on Deck for the New Promo Poster for Cult

Some more creepy artwork has come in to promote the February 19th premiere of "Cult" on The CW. Check it out here, and look for some interviews with the show's creator and primary cast members in the coming week!

Get a Look at the Opening Sequence of The CW's Cult

We're not sure how Matt Davis' fans from "The Vampire Diaries" are going to react to "Cult" when it premieres in a few weeks, but hopefully they'll like it as much as we do! Check out the show's opening sequence courtesy of The CW.

Official Synopses for Cult Ep. 1.01 - You're Next; Supernatural Ep. 8.15 - Man's Best Friend with Benefits; The Vampire Diaries Ep. 4.15 - Stand by Me

New synopses are in from The CW for "Supernatural" and "The Vampire Diaries" for the week of February 18th, which means now we get to add "Cult" to the mix since it premieres on the 19th!

Another Preview of and New Artwork for The CW's Cult

In just a few weeks "Cult" premieres on The CW, and we have another preview along with some new artwork for you right here. There nothing quite like lunch with charismatic cult leader Billy!

New Promo for Cult Asks Is It TV or Reality?

We were lucky enough to watch the pilot episode of "Cult" already and look forward to seeing what our readers think of it following its February 19th premiere on The CW. One thing you're sure to be asking yourself is, "TV or reality? Which is it?"

Join The CW's Cult and See Some New Promo Posters

Around these parts we're big fans of Robert Knepper so we're hoping his upcoming series "Cult" sticks around for a while. In advance of its premiere on February 19th, The CW has released a batch of new promo posters for the show.

Ride the Iron Horse to See this New Preview of Cult

With just a few weeks remaining until the premiere of "Cult" on The CW, we got our hands on another quick preview of the show. There's a train coming! Are you on board?

New Artwork for The CW's Cult

A couple of days ago we got our hands on a creepy new teaser video for "Cult," which debuts on The CW on February 19th, and now to go along with it, we have a look at some creepy new artwork courtesy of EW.

Creepy New Teaser for The CW's Cult Premiere

One new midseason replacement series we're hoping doesn't get lost in the shuffle (or in the backlash against shows that are perceived to be violent) is The CW's "Cult." It has a really different vibe from anything else out there, and along those lines the network has unveiled a creepy new promo teaser for it.

TCA: The CW on Supernatural Season 9; More about The Originals, The Selection, Cult, and Battle Royale

It was The CW's turn to shine at the Television Critics Association's winter 2013 session today, and president Mark Pedowitz touched on all the network's shows that are of interest to genre fans, including a possible ninth season of "Supernatural." Read on for the highlights.

Ad Campaign for Cult Crosses Over with Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries

We're just a little over a month away from the February 19th premiere of "Cult" on The CW, and the network has released a couple of new promo videos for the show that include some very familiar faces. Check 'em out right here!

Image Gallery from The CW's Cult Pilot

Hot on the heels of yesterday's announcement that "Cult" will be premiering on The CW on February 19, 2013, the network sent over a batch of photos from the show's pilot that we're happy to share right here.

Finally The CW Reveals the Premiere Date for Cult

We've been waiting for several months for The CW to reveal the premiere date of its midseason replacement series "Cult," and now finally the word has come. Check out some new artwork and a teaser preview the network sent over for all the details!

Two Familiar Faces Heading to The CW's Cult

Some casting news has come in for The CW's midseason replacement series "Cult," and thanks to the magic of Twitter and the interwebs, we have all the details you need right here. Hopefully we'll also get word on a premiere date soon!

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Cult Panel, Trailer, and New Poster

We'll be posting our roundtable interviews with the cast and crew of The CW's new midseason replacement series "Cult" shortly, but in the meantime we got our hands on the show's SDCC panel along with its new one-sheet and trailer.