Will It Be Aslan or Cthulhu? Multi-Verses Being Confirmed!

At The Seen and The Unseen, we’re fascinated by the idea of other universes and other worlds. Many paranormal theories and explanations consider the possibility of other worlds as an assumption. It seems as if science is starting to catch up with the storytellers and ghost hunters.

LEGO Lays the Building Blocks for Cthulhu's Return!

Sometimes we catch stuff online that leaves us sitting here scratching our heads and wondering, "How did it take so damned long for someone to think of this?" You want cool? You've got cool as LEGOs may not be just for kids anymore!

Violent Kind, The (2010)

Reviewed by Evil Andy Starring Cory Knauf, Taylor Cole, Bret Roberts, Christina Prousalis, Tiffany Shepis Directed by The Butcher Brothers

New Funko Bobble Heads Include The Fly and Cthulhu

Lately some of the coolest collectibles on the market have been bobble heads, and few companies give better head than Funko. This September they have a new line of bobbles hitting the market that includes two of our most favorite creatures: Cthulhu and The Fly.

Cthulhu (DVD)

Reviewed by Andrew Kasch Starring Tori Spelling, Cara Buono, Amy Minderhout, Scott Patrick Green, Jason Cottle Directed Dan Gildark Distributed by Liberation Entertainment

Cthulhu Rampages Across America!

David, a reader with some sharp eyes, pointed out to us that the official website for Dan Gildark's popular Cthulhu (review) is going to be playing throughout a good portion of the U.S. this month and next. According to Cthulhu's official site, the film will be hitting both coasts and a couple spots in between... 09/26/08 - Denver, CO Starz FilmCenter

Cthulhu Vs. Jewel Thieves in Nine Lives

Imagine, if you will, a mish-mashing of old school crime stories with good old-fashioned Old Ones mythos, stirred together with a dash of the sublime. Can you taste that? If you could, you might end up calling it something like “Nine Lives”

here! Films to Remake Horror Classics

Just a couple months ago we learned that here! Films was going to bring Cthulhu (review) to the masses, but it doesn't look like they're going to stop with just one gay horror flick.

SDCC 08: Cthulhu Returns!

Remember SOTA? Those guys that made some really cool toys a while back and then just sort of disappeared? Well, looks like they’re ready to come back and they’re bringing a new Old One with them. Dig the photographic evidence below!

Regent and here! Films Meet Cthulhu

Having not been able to see Cthulhu (Review) yet, I can't offer up any objects or back-ups to the positive reviews out there, but a film with Tori Spelling as a seductress can't be bad.

SOTA's Colorful Cthulhus

The last time we looked at SOTA Toys' upcoming 14" tall resin Cthulhu statue, we knew it was coming in green and some varients were to follow (“SOTA Unleashes a Big Old One” – February 2008). Well, today we got in the pics of what the Old One would look like in a couple different shades.

SOTA Unleashes a Big Old One

Now this is what I’m talking about! Though we’ve not seen much from SOTA Toys in a long time, they made up for their silence with the badass Old Ones you see below. Super Cthulhu! A brand-new resin statue that’s a whole new look at your real god. Sideshow will also be carrying a variant of the figure, so you get a choice of your Cthulhu! The statue will be making it’s way out in June of this year, so look for it, people!

Cthulhu (2007)

Reviewed by D.W. Bostaph Starring Jason Cottle, Scott Green, Dennis Kleinsmith, Tori Spelling Directed by Dan Gildark

Cutest Old One Ever

Dreamland Toyworks, distributors of THE FUCKING BEST vinyl toys on the market today, dropped us a line about a little guy hitting stores right now going by the name of ... My Little Cthulhu.