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Julian Richards' Darklands Finally Released on UK DVD

Following its release in North America last year, director Julian Richards' debut horror feature, Darklands, is finally now available on DVD in the UK as well courtesy of Metrodome Distribution. Check out its impressive new cover art.

AFM 2013: Stealth Media Group to Climb the Tower of the Dead

More goodies have come our way just in time for this year's American Film Market, and next on tap is another flick which deals with the dead in all sorts of wonderfully wicked ways. Read on for the skinny on Tower of the Dead.

New Darklands Clip Reveals an Ancient Pagan Ritual

Back in September we learned that Darklands, the debut feature of director Julian Richards (The Last Horror Movie), will finally be released on November 20th; and a new clip from the occult shocker has arrived!

Julian Richards' Debut Feature Darklands Getting a North American Release

Thought to be lost, or at least tied up in legal limbo, Darklands, the debut feature of director Julian Richards (The Last Horror Movie), will finally be released in the US and Canada by MVD Distribution with a street date set for November 20th, 2012.

Romp Through the Devil's Playground with Two New Clips!

We've been waiting for the latest chiller from the UK, Devil's Playground, for a while here in the States, and finally the flick hits home video this week from Vivendi. To celebrate its arrival, we have two new clips for you! Dig it!

Exclusive New Stills - Devil's Playground

Here at Dread Central we've been waiting for the zombie apocalypse to arrive for the full five years we've been kicking around. Hopefully it'll come before we're forced to get real jobs and become part of America's work force. Actually ... scratch that. America barely has a work force, and we're lucky to be able to do what we do for a living. In any event Z-day is at the very least on its way to DVD!

Shout! Factory Nails Down Dead Cert

We've covered the hell out of the new vampire flick out of the UK, Dead Cert, here on Dread Central. If only because it shares our initials. Well, not really; we did so because it has vampires of the badass non-sparkling variety. In any event all that coverage is about to pay off because the flick is now on its way Stateside.

Teaser One-Sheet Debut and Premiere News: Devil's Playground

The teaser art for the next zombie themed epic coming out of the UK, Black and Blue Films' Devil's Playground, has come our way; and it's void of floating heads, pensive looking teens, and all the rest of the cliché horseshit we're spoon-fed here in the States.

Film4 FrightFest '10: New Images and DVD Art: Dead Cert

Just in time for its debut at the Film4 FrightFest we've gotten our hands on a couple of more stills and even the DVD cover art for Dead Cert!

Film4 Fright Fest '10: New Dead Cert Stills

More stills for another movie we've been talking about for a while now, Dead Cert, have come in in celebration of the film's debut at the Film4 FrightFest and we've got them for you fresh and bloody!

Dead Cert Update and New Exclusive Stills

Writer/producer Jonathan Sothcott just dropped us a line with the good news that later this week we'll be getting a look at the UK DVD artwork for director Steven Lawson's Dead Cert, and in the meantime he's given us a few new exclusive stills and an update on what we can expect to see once it's released.

Exclusive First Stills: The Devil's Playground

It's the end of the world as we know it, and as long as the undead are involved, we'll feel fine! Just got our hands on some exclusive new stills from the latest release from Black and Blue Films, The Devil's Playground, and we're happy to say that this end of days opus will be sporting some good old fashioned zombie carnage laced in with the myriad of horrors awaiting our survivors at every turn.

New Artwork and Exclusive Stills: Dead Cert

Now here's a flick about vampires we can really get behind! That's right, kids, you won't be finding any sparkling teenage brooders in Steven Lawson's UK vampire import Dead Cert, and we've got some new artwork and stills to prove it!

New Artwork and Trailer: Dead Cert

A new production trailer for the latest vampire outing coming our way, Dead Cert, has found its way online along with some nifty artwork, and we have a look at it for you. Spoiler alert: These toothy bastards still don't sparkle!