Coolidge After Midnite

Friday the 13th Part 3 to Screen in 3D (and on 35mm) in Boston this Weekend - Enter to Win Tickets

Here’s the big one. A rare, archival screening of Friday the 13th Part 3 on 35mm and in 3D! If you want to see it (and how could you not?), you’ve got to get over to the Coolidge Corner Theater this weekend for either Friday's or Saturday's midnight shows. And Dread Central wants to give you a chance to experience it on us.

CONTEST CLOSED! Have a Wet Hot American Summer in Boston This Weekend (and Win Some Tickets)

While comedy is something rarely covered here at Dread Central, David Wain's brilliant Wet Hot American Summer is part of Coolidge Corner Theater's "Summer Camp" month, which started with The Burning and concludes with Friday the 13th Part III. Just because this particular screening isn't horror doesn't mean we don't want to give you a chance to win tickets!