Colonel Kill Motherfuckers

Hack Movies Keeps Rolling

Hack Movies, the filmmakers who brought us the amazing Colonel Kill Motherfuckers (review), will be bringing more indie features to us soon, but they need your support.

Colonel Kill Motherfuckers (DVD)

Reviewed by Kryten Syxx Starring Andrew Varbel, Tanya Fox, Jonny Jonny, Erik A. Williams, Timo, Kevin Strange and Joshitsuo Montoya Directed by Kevin Strange Distributed by Hack Movies

Colonel Kill Motherfuckers!

Although some of us are on Christmas vacation, there are some things that come down the tubes that demand immediate attention. One such thing is Hack Movies' new indy flick titled Colonel Kill Motherfuckers. Yes, that is the actual title of the movie. And yes, it does live up to its name.

Strange, Kevin (Colonel Kill Motherfuckers)

I just can't get enough of Colonel Kill Motherfuckers (review). Throughout my time with Dread Central there have only been a couple of indie movies that really touched me ... in naughty areas. So how could I pass up an