Monster Mania 11 Swag Report

Monster Mania 11 is just around the corner (August 22-24th to be precise) in Cherry Hill, NJ, so it’s time to show you what Dread Central is bringing to the table ... physically more than metaphorically! Every Monster Mania, Dread sets up shop just within the show's entrance to dish out free swag to the attendees from companies cranking out the bloody best and beyond. Here’s what’s on tap...

Complete Night of the Creeps Puppet Found!

While browsing the web for new and strange things, I passed by eBay and saw this complete puppet from Fred Dekker's classic Night of the Creeps!

Monroeville Zombies Invade Horrorfind!

This is one thing I love about our genre; if a horror film is popular enough with fans, you can make almost any merchandise related to it and have a built-in consumer base.

SDCC 08: Sideshow's Creature Statue!

Over the last few years, Sideshow has really become known as the place to go to find amazing monsters and alien and alien toys and statues, but lest we forget, they got their start making vinyl and plastic replicas of Universal monsters. And this amazing Creature From the Black Lagoon statue will help us remember.

SDCC 08: Angel of Death From Sideshow!

As our Comic Con gallery continues to grow (something tells me it’s not done yet), we keep seeing more and more cool shit we have to bring to your guys’ attention. This morning it is Death.

SDCC 08: New Alien Figure!

Another amazing figure came out of Sideshow’s display at this year’s Comic Con and while we’ve been saying they’re all badass, and they are, this one is just ... Damn.

SDCC 08: Sideshow's Dracula Diorama

Of all the images Nomad got with his camera walking around Comic Con, I was really surprised to only see one of this amazing statue coming soon from Sideshow. It’s Dracula throttling Renfield, which I’m sure he deserves, and as you can tell it’s a thing of beauty.

SDCC 08: Species Maquette

I’ll admit it, I’ve never been a big fan of the Species films. The premise is great; hot alien chick comes to Earth to mate and kill, but the execution never really stuck with me. One thing I can’t say I didn’t like, though, was the creature. This was truly a work of art!

SDCC 08: Trick 'r Treat's Sam Unmasked!

Sideshow Collectibles usually has one of the biggest booths at Comic Con every year, so much so that you could almost call it a living area rather than a booth. But since they continue to make such kickass toys year after year, they’re fully deserving of it.

Comic Con 2008 Gallery is Open!

I know you guys were enjoying our seemingly endless stream of images from the floor of Comic Con today, but just cause we stopped doing stories doesn’t mean there’s not more to show off! We just opened the official San Diego Comic Con 2008 gallery, where you’ll find a ton of images we never showed you today, new looks at different figures and some very cool surprises!

SDCC 08: Spawn!

Spawn. Lots and lots and lots of Spawn. I’m going to be honest, I didn’t realize this character was still so popular with the masses, but judging by McFarlane’s upcoming selection of Spawn figures, he’s more popular than ever. Feast your eyes below!

SDCC 08: Cloverfield Monster!

If you’re one of the few who have yet to see Cloverfield and managed to avoid all the images of the monster once the film was released, congratulations. I have no idea how one would do that. If you’ve read this far, chances are you’re neither, so just move your eyeballs down a bit to check out some new pics of the monster fresh from the floor of Comic Con!

SDCC 08: The Birds Barbie!

Barbie Vs. The Birds? Why the hell not? I mean, Hitchcock was huge on having important female characters in most of his suspense films; maybe this is just the beginning of a new line from Mattel. A man can dream, can’t he?

SDCC 08: Cthulhu Returns!

Remember SOTA? Those guys that made some really cool toys a while back and then just sort of disappeared? Well, looks like they’re ready to come back and they’re bringing a new Old One with them. Dig the photographic evidence below!

SDCC 08: Mezco's Massive Offerings!

Mezco Toys sure didn't hold back at this year's San Diego Comic-Con! The company's Cinema of Fear line just grew with the inclusion of new figures of Freddy, Jason, Leatherface and more! Did I mention that one of Mezco's new 12" figures is based on the Platinum Dunes remake of Friday the 13th?! The Mezco booth also showed off the second series of figures from the Hellboy II: The Golden Army line.