Cold Spots

Miramont Castle

Manitou Springs, Colorado Stepping onto the grounds, one easily forgets the present. For a moment it is no longer Colorado in the 21st Century, but Europe of more than two hundred years ago. Rising high into the sky is a building that may seem out of time and place, a castle in the middle of the modern world. Stepping inside, the spell is broken, but not in a bad way.

The Legend of John Baptiste

Salt Lake City, Utah It is often amazing how things lead to one another. The old argument goes that a butterfly flaps his wings in china and halfway around the world a monsoon hits Florida. More amazing still are the circumstances which often lead to the discovery of something truly outrageous or terrifying.

Old Idaho State Penitentiary

Bosie, Idaho The tiny cells have been empty for more than three decades, and jailers no longer patrol the halls. Still, the building feels alive. It is as if those who made their homes here never left, and those who died here cry out for vengeance, or perhaps justice. Did the high walls keep them in? And, if so, do prison sentences last into the afterlife, or even for eternity?

The Flamingo Hotel and Casino

Las Vegas, Nevada The night in Los Vegas is just as bright as daytime, brightly lit with neon and spotlights. Any vice that a body could want is available for a price, and many for free. Gambling is the main trade, with prostitution running a close second, giving this city a dangerous feel, electric and exciting to every visitor, first-timers and veterans alike.

The Harvard Exit Theater

Seattle, Washington Hidden beneath climbing vines and shrubs sits a well-known secret. Behind the unassuming doors sits a lobby of immense proportions, with tables around a large fireplace, 1920's-era ambiance, all with the smell of buttered popcorn in the air. While it could very well by a themed cafe, this historic building is much more, providing culture to the citizens of Seattle, and providing others with a voice.

The St. James Hotel

Cimarron, New Mexico Cimarron, New Mexico, is a place where one can still experience what life might have been like in the Wild West. Even its name is Spanish for "wild" or "unbroken." Amid the Apache Indian dancers and historic tours, there sits a place where one might just get a little more of the Wild West experience than bargained for.

The Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital

Marlboro, New Jersey Screams once echoed in the night from within these walls, voiced by those driven mad by their own demons. Those damned were housed in this man-made purgatory, locked away from decent folk, out of sight out of mind. And yet, though the windows are boarded and the hallways empty, something lingers. Screams are still heard without the benefit of mouths to shape them.

Tillamook Lighthouse

Tillamook, Oregon The sea is a dangerous mistress, changing and untamable. Her storms have claimed ships and sailors by the score, making those stout enough to brave her temper a rare bunch. From the shores, jutting from angry waters, a single rock is seen marking where man tried to tame the sea, her angry waves giving testament to her will.

The Ghosts of Gettysburg

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania They were young, bright men with futures ahead of them. Many left behind sweethearts, though some died without knowing their first kiss. Brother turned and fired on brother on land that became muddy with blood in one of the most famous battles in American History, leaving bodies to bake in the sun. And still they can be heard, calling for charge or crying out in agony.

Sprague Mansion

Cranston, Rhode Island

The Lost Dutchman Mine

Superstition Mountain Apache Junction, Arizona The scent is in the air, teasing excited breaths from the lungs as one travels upward into the mountains of Arizona. Despite the heat, the dry land, the fatigue, the party travels onward, spurred forward by the promise of that which has eluded others for over a hundred years. Up the trail, shadows move and whisper with the voices of hundreds who have come before, sending up a warning.

Cold Spots Special Report: Haunted Attractions

A Look at the Mansion of Terror Every Halloween season, people line up in droves to walk through darkened corridors where monsters and madmen reach through walls in an attempt to tear their souls from their bodies. They pay the ticket, stand in line, and cross into an experience that leaves them rattled, terrified, and altogether euphoric because no matter how frightening the experience may be, it is still safe. Isn't it?

Race Rock Lighthouse

Race Rock, New York The night is dark, the seas are rough, but still the captain keeps a firm hand on the wheel, guiding the vessel into what he prays will be safe harbor. Off the side, black waters lick the keel, as if tasting the boat, savoring the flavor of its passengers. Through the fog and darkness, a red and white light beams accompanied by a loud siren. Dangerous rocks are ahead.

The Whaley House

The Whaley House San Diego, California The stories are legendary, known throughout the world. Within the innocuous-looking house, something is not right. Visitors feel eyes upon them, as if their every move is watched. Some feel the tightening strangle of a hangman's noose around their necks as they pass beneath a specific archway. Still others hear the footsteps, the deep laughter, or even the giggle of a child that is not there.

Bailey's Light

Bailey's Light Bailey's Prairie, Texas A young man, new to Brazoria County, on the road one night saw what he thought was a burglar's flashlight in a grove of trees. He stopped his car and went to investigate the strange glowing orb, finding out too late that there was no flashlight, nor was there a body attached to it. As he approached, the bouncing ball of light stopped abruptly, then began to move toward him.