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Lizard Boy Soon To Sun Himself In Your Home! New Stills and Artwork!

Oh crazy scientists, when will they learn not to play God? Not any time soon, if Lizard Boy has anything to say about it. Where else would we see abominations of science and nature occur? Other than reality TV and Walmarts.

Psycho Shark (2009)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring two guys and five lusciously hootered Japanese bikini girls Directed by some Japanese dude

The Dark Lurking Heading to DVD This October

It's been months and months since we've gotten an update on the Aussie sci-fi monster-mash The Dark Lurking, but apparently things have been proceeding along nicely as the flick is hitting DVD this October 12th courtesy of Epoch Cinema. Synopsis:

Bit Parts (DVD)

Starring Sarah Gordon, Christopher Page, Michelle Angel, Dave Reda, Molly Fix Directed by Dave Reda Distributed by Cinema Epoch