Meet the Real Life Christine - The Most Evil Car in America

Can an inanimate object truly house an evil force that's strong enough to harm or even kill you? Despite what you believe, one thing is for absolute certain... the mysterious deaths of 14+ people attached to the car is nothing short of food for thought.

Rubber, Road, Brains and Souls: 5 Killer Car Flicks That Will Never Be Forgotten

Inanimate objects often wriggle their way into horror films. We’ve seen porcelain dolls slaughter naïve victims. We’ve seen video game characters decimate the unsuspecting. And, perhaps the most lifeless menace to brutalize fleeing victims, the evil vehicle.

South Pasadena Recognizes John Carpenter and Names October 31st - John Carpenter Night

When compiling a list of movies to watch on the mother of all spooky occasions, it's impossible not to throw a few John Carpenter flicks on there. One of California's most beautiful cities has just recognized his genius!

Pre-Order Christine on Blu-ray this Friday, February 15th; Limited to 3,000 Copies

With so many horror classics and cult favorites getting announced for Blu-ray release in 2013, one bit of news that has mostly flown under the radar is Twilight Time's plans to give John Carpenter’s 1983 adaptation of Stephen King’s Christine a Blu-ray upgrade a month from now.

Classics on the Big Screen! Hey LA, Check Out Christine This Weekend at the New Bev

There's nothing quite like turning back the clock and revisiting some of your favorite classic horror on the big screen on original 35mm prints. Only a shitter wouldn't appreciate that.

Rest in Peace: Roberts Blossom

His name may not ring a bell at first, but chances are you're quite familiar with the work of character actor Roberts Blossom. Sadly, Mr. Blossom passed away last Friday in Santa Monica, California, at the age of 87. The New York Times posted quite a nice tribute to the quirky actor, excerpts of which follow:

Midnight Screening of Christine at the Nuart in West LA on Friday, March 4th

The guys at Cinema Cool have been on a bit of a hiatus since last summer, but they're coming out of "retirement", as it were, to host a midnight screening of John Carpenter's classic Christine tomorrow night (Friday, March 4th) at the Nuart Theatre in West Los Angeles.