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John Skipp Releases Demons, Fungasms, Clean-Ups, Haunts, and a New Trailer for Rose!

October is here, and everyone is crazy busy. Especially genre favorite John Skipp, who has a boatload of things on his plate, all of which we have served up for you right here, fresh and hot!

John Skipp's Rose Gets Funded! The Undead Rejoice!

Believe in miracles, kids! John Skipp's latest project, Rose: The Bizarro Zombie Musical, has been fully funded thanks to generous folks like you! All that's left to do is to start shedding the red with a song in your heart!

New Rose Video Starts the Countdown

Another viral video has debuted online for legendary horror writer John Skipp's latest project, Rose: The Bizarro Zombie Musical. Dig on the goods below, and let's all hope this thing finally gets made! It's the zombie apocalypse, and cable access puppet show host Rose is interviewing the latest batch of survivors!

Legendary Horror Writer John Skipp Relaunches Kickstarter Campaign For Rose: The Bizarro Zombie Musical

Veteran horror writer John Skipp has a new vision. Skipp is in pre-production for Rose: The Bizarro Zombie Musical, an incredibly unique musical feature starring a gorgeous, machete juggling ex-mental patient hosting an internet/cable-access puppet show in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Have you ever seen anything like that before? Me neither. Sounds intriguing though, doesn't it?

Hot Chicks and Puppets of the Apocalypse: New Shorts from John Skipp's Bizarro Zombie Feature Rose

John Skipp has just released some crazy new puppet-packed video shorts from Rose, showcasing adorable machete-juggling, zombie-slaughtering powerhouse Chase McKenna in the title role.

Teaser Trailer Debut - John Skipp's Rose

We've spread news, heard singles, and kept you as up-to-date as possible on John Skipp's upcoming 3D zombie puppet musical Rose and now the time has come to tease you even further!

John Skipp Releases Rose Soundtrack Single

A few weeks ago we told you about John Skipp's upcoming 3D zombie puppet musical Rose, which recently launched a full-fledged horror community campaign on Kickstarter. Now Skipp is offering fans a taste of the film's eclectic soundtrack with the release of the first single, "Empty Vessel".

John Skipp's Rose: The 3D Zombie Puppet Musical Wants You!

If there’s one thing our readers (and horror fans in general) complain about more than anything, it’s the lack of original movies. Well, here’s your chance to quit griping behind your keyboard and finally take some ACTION!

Exclusive: John Skipp Brings us Zombies in 3D with Rose

Dread Central recently caught up with writer/director John Skipp during the Never Sleep Again event this past weekend and talked to him about his brand new project he has coming up, Rose. The creator describes the project as "a freaky shot-in-3D feature with a radically whacked-out approach to the undead. Call it Pee Wee’s Playhouse meets Night of the Living Dead".