Charles Band

Gingerdead Men Rejoice; Full Moon Launches Its Very Own Instant Streaming Service!

With ticket prices at the theater getting higher and higher, audiences more and more annoying and video shops all but gone, instant streaming services like Netflix and VUDU are fast becoming the preferred way for today's audiences to watch movies.

Full Moon Shows Off its Unlucky Charms; Available July 30th at Redbox

The new film from Charles Band and Full Moon Entertainment, Unlucky Charms, will be available Tuesday, July 30th, at your local Redbox, and to get you geared up for their special brand of indie flick mayhem, we have a look at the trailer for you!

Unlucky Charms and Trancers 1.5 Artwork Unveiled; Charles Band Announces a Clash of Full Moon Titans

Charles Band has released artwork for Unlucky Charms, his newest horror project featuring little monsters and big boobs, as well as promo art for a “lost” sequel to Trancers soon to be released. But can either of those top the announcement of a new Full Moon “Vs.” movie?

Exclusive Drool-Worthy Images of Masuimi Max and Nikki Leigh From Full Moon's Unlucky Charms

It's Monday, and we're here to help you spend at least part of the day staring at these incredibly hot images of both Masuimi Max and Nikki Leigh, stars of Full Moon Entertainment's upcoming feature Unlucky Charms. You're welcome.

Full Moon's Unlucky Charms Will be More Monstrously Vicious than Magically Delicious

If Charles Band were a pro wrestler, I’d like to think his entrance music would be Metallica’s “Master of Puppets”. Four new little beasties will be added to his repertoire when Unlucky Charms begins filming any moment now.

Ooga Booga (2013)

Starring Ciarra Carter, Gregory Niebel, Wade Forrest Wilson, Stacey Keach, Karen Black Directed by Charles Band

Shake a Spear at the Trailer for Ooga Booga, the Django Unchained of Full Moon Puppet Movies

Charles Band is back in the director’s chair and you’ll be shocked, SHOCKED, to find out the title character of Ooga Booga is a murderous action figure. But there’s a twist – this killer toy is on a mission of racial vengeance.

Full Moon Announces the Debut of Streaming Service GrindhouseFlix and the World Premiere of Ooga Booga

We've been talking about Full Moon's Ooga Booga for a while, and we have word on when and where you can see it along with details on Full Moon's new streaming service Grindhouseflix.

Full Moon Unearths Wizard Video Collection of Rare Oversize VHS Boxes; Available with Authentically Duplicated Films Beginning February 12th

Oh, how fondly we remember those giant VHS boxes horror films came in back in the day. Sure, they were a bitch to fit onto your shelf, but the packaging was so cool.

B-Sides: Fear Is Here to Capture Your Soul

What do you get when producer Charles Band, writer David S. Goyer, and director Albert Pyun decide to do their own horror version of Tron? If you didn’t answer Arcade, then you clearly do not know your Full Movie catalogue.

Check Out Some New Stills from Ooga Booga; Porn Star Siri Joins the Cast

Some films are easy to describe… then others defy all explanation. Hopefully we can clear up some of the mystery surrounding the upcoming Ooga Booga with some brand new stills from the movie. Dig 'em!

First Casting Info and Poster Art for Full Moon's Ooga Booga

Charles Band and Full Moon have a new feature in the works that we think you guys will be interested in. Check out the first word on Ooga Booga, set for release in February 2013.

Puppet Master X: Axis Rising (2012)

Starring Kip Canyon, Oto Brezina, Jean Louise O'Sullivan, Stephanie Sanditz Directed by Charles Band

Exclusive: Jamie Bernadette Talks Full Moon's Reel Evil; Trailer and Photos Released

With the teaser trailer for the Full Moon feature Reel Evil having hit the web today, we caught up with one of the flick’s actresses, Jamie Bernadette, to discuss the Danny Draven-directed, Charles Band-produced found-footage film.

Killjoy Goes to Hell and Goes on Trial in This New Trailer; Premere Info for Puppet Master: Axis Rising

Not sure if the world has been clamoring for a fourth Killjoy movie, but I must say Killjoy Goes to Hell looks quite intriguing. It's based around the idea of a demonic movie slasher being put on trial in the devil’s courtroom for repeatedly failing to kill his last victim.