Chad Hayes

San Andreas Will Rock Cinemas in 2015

Back in October we told you about a new Warner Bros. project called San Andreas, an earthquake flick penned by Carey Hayes and Chad Hayes (The Conjuring) and starring none other than Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Today a release date has been announced.

Dwayne Johnson Gets Rocked in San Andreas

We told you earlier that Carey Hayes and Chad Hayes (The Conjuring) had penned an earthquake disaster movie called San Andreas: 3D, and today the project has found itself a star who's as lethal as the fault line itself.

The Conjuring Writers to Rattle the San Andreas Fault Line in 3D

The writers of this weekend's The Conjuring have another gig that's guaranteed to have you shaking like a leaf and we've got the first details and news for you right here! Read on!

James Wan Could Perform The Conjuring

James Wan has been responsible for two of the most successful independent horror films of the past ten years. It's no surprise, then, that he's become a real commodity in the eyes of producers looking to replicate the box office successes of Saw and/or Insidious. We've told you about quite a few potential projects for Wan, and today another possibility joins the fray.

Summit Ready for Some Conjuring

In the last several decades films based upon real life hauntings have done a lot to both capture the imagination and scare the hell out of movie-going audiences! In fact everyone seems to be scrambling to find the next fact-based shocker to tingle the old spine, most recently Summit Entertainment.