Catherine Hardwicke

The CW Is Heading to Copeland Prep with Catherine Hardwicke and Bret Easton Ellis

More terror is heading to television, this time from the wonderfully twisted mind of author Bret Easton Ellis. While it's doubtful we'll be seeing any creative uses for lube and a hamster Habitrail, the news still makes us smile.

Could We Have Had a Kristen Stewart-less Twilight Saga?

“For all sad words of tongue and pen, The saddest are these, 'It might have been'.” Apparently things "might have been" quite a bit different in The Twilight Saga franchise had Michelle Trachtenberg, who was being considered for the Bella role in the Twilight films, been cast instead of Kristen Stewart. What happened?

UPDATED: Battle: Los Angeles' Big Guns Prove Too Much for Red Riding Hood

The UPDATED final weekend box office tallies are now in, and Red Riding Hood is no doubt exclaiming to Battle: Los Angeles, "My, what big guns you have!" as the alien invasion shoot 'em up proved too much for the lovely young torn-between-two-lovers teen to handle.

Red Riding Hood (2011)

Starring Amanda Seyfried, Gary Oldman, Shiloh Fernandez, Max Irons, Julie Christie Directed by Catherine Hardwicke

Red Riding Hood CENTRAL - Read the Review, Watch Clips, and More!

It's off to grandmother's house we go as the luscious looking Red Riding Hood is ready to hand deliver a basket full of tweener horror from the director of the original Twilight.

Red Riding Hood Clip Blow-Out

Get ready to feast your big eyes on a bounty of clips from Catherine Hardwicke's upcoming flick Red Riding Hood. Hot, ready, and fresh out of her basket! The flick hits theatres on March 11th, 2011. For more dig on the official Red Riding Hood website here. Synopsis

Dozens of New Red Riding Hood Photos

Ready to feast your eyes on a big batch of stills from Red Riding Hood that also includes a few behind-the-scenes peeks at the principals? Then you have indeed come to the right place!

More Red Riding Hood TV Spots to Guide You Through the Forest

A fresh set of TV spots has popped up for Red Riding Hood courtesy of Warner Brothers, and we have every one of them here for you to feast your big eyes on!

Russian Red Riding Hood Poster Revs Up

Another new bit of eye candy has come our way for Catherine Hardewick's Red Riding Hood and we bet you cannot guess who is on it! Come on, just try! Play along it is Friday after all!

Begin Your Journey to Grandma's House with Some New Red Riding Hood TV Spots

My, what short clips these are! The better to get you geared up for the flick we suppose. Pretty soon Amanda Seyfried will be tramping through the woods for her latest flick, and the TV spots have already begun!

International One-Sheet Debut - Red Riding Hood

A new one-sheet for Red Riding Hood has slid online with some tasty international flavor. We have it here for you to gaze upon and engage in a stare-down you probably won't win.

Latest Red Riding Hood Trailer Bites the Hand that Feeds

Nine Inch Nails fans at the very least will have a good time with the latest trailer for Red Riding Hood as it features one of the band's most famous hits. Behold proof positive that a little NIN can make just about anything look good!

Amanda Seyfried Knows There's Something in the Woods in New Red Riding Hood One-Sheet

Complementing yesterday's three new images from Red Riding Hood comes a brand new one-sheet that features star Amanda Seyfried looking pretty damned rattled. Dig it!

Off to Grandma's House in New Red Riding Hood Imagery

Looking for a bit more eye candy to get you geared up for Red Riding Hood? Look no further as three more images from the flick have surfaced online, and you can find them right here!

Catherine Hardwick to Direct Maze Runners for Fox

Ever since the Twilight craze began, director Catherine Hardwicke has found lots of material coming her way concerning teens in some form of supernatural peril. Enter the newest one for Fox based on Book One of James Dashner's Maze Runner Trilogy.