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More Bates Motel Season 2 Chatter Checks In

It's our first Monday night without "Bates Motel," and the show may be out of sight, but it's never far out of mind. If you're looking forward to Season 2 as much as we are, here are a few more hints of what's coming to tide you over until next year.

Bates Motel Goes Out on a High Note; Carlton Cuse Teases Season 2 Storylines

A&E got some excellent news today as "Bates Motel" ended its first season as the second-most-watched new cable drama of the year. And if you're a fan of the show, we have more good news in the form of some hints of what's ahead.

Spend an Evening with the Cast and Creators of Bates Motel at Paley Center on May 10th

On May 10th The Paley Center for Media is celebrating "Bates Motel" with a special episode preview screening and conversation with members of the cast and creative team.

A&E Orders a Second Season of Bates Motel

Well, that certainly didn't take long! With the first season of "Bates Motel" premiering as the most-watched scripted drama in A&E history in key demographics, it's no surprise the network has picked up the show for another season.

Elena Satine Snatches Up Final Key Spot on The Sixth Gun

The final bit of key casting news for NBC's supernatural western pilot "The Sixth Gun" has arrived with Elena Satine signing on to play the “widow” Missy Hume, a powerful Madame who runs the town of Brimstone kept unnaturally youthful by being in possession of the Fifth Gun.

Three More Load The Sixth Gun for NBC

Casting news continues for NBC's "The Sixth Gun" as three more have signed up for active duty in this latest supernatural western. Read on for the skinny on who will be bringing the hot lead to this genre mash-up.

The Sixth Gun Aims at Laura Ramsey

NBC's "The Sixth Gun" has found its female lead in Laura Ramsey, who has snagged the role of farmer's daughter Becky Montcrief. Read on for details and to figure out if this is something you'd like to set your sights on.

Going to the Movies This Weekend? Look Out for These Bates Motel Promo Items!

A&E is definitely pulling out all the stops when it comes to promoting its upcoming new series "Bates Motel," including making sure that fans hitting the multiplexes this weekend keep the show in mind.

Dare You Spend Five Minutes at the Bates Motel?

Alrighty, kids! Time for five minutes of video goodness that you're bound to go psycho for! A&E has released two new looks into the crazed world of young Norman Bates and his mother. Relax, take off your clothes, have a shower, and then take a look!

Peep Through the Doors of the Bates Motel

A new interactive website has been set up for A&E's new series based upon the Alfred Hitchcock classic Psycho, "Bates Motel," complete with peepholes and other bits of nasty tailor-made for your prying eyes!

New Promo Trailer for A&E's Bates Motel Checks In

A new promo trailer has popped up online in advance of the March 18th premiere of "Bates Motel" on A&E, and of course we have it right here for you! Be a sweet boy (or girl) and watch it with your mother.

New Artwork and Teaser for Bates Motel Filled with Motherly Love

A boy's best friend is his mother. Though in the loony world of Norman Bates, his right hand and a tissue will work in a pinch. In any event, A&E has released both a new teaser and a new bit of artwork for its upcoming series "Bates Motel." Dig it!

UPDATED: NBC Moving Forward with The Sixth Gun Pilot

Last October NBC and Carlton Cuse began developing a series based on Oni Press’ graphic novel series The Sixth Gun, and now they're moving forward with a pilot for the supernatural western.

SXSW 2013 Announces Evil Dead World Premiere and First Look at the Bates Motel Pilot

The 2013 SXSW Film Festival begins March 8th, and already a few details have been revealed. Evil Dead will be having its World Premiere at the event, Carlton Cuse will be providing a look at the pilot for "Bates Motel," and Matthew McConaughey is heading up a panel as well.

New Bates Motel Posters Tease Horrors to Come

The March 18th premiere of A&E's "Bates Motel" is inching closer, and to help build the anticipation even more, the network has released a few new teaser posters. Check in right here!