Brenna Lee Roth

Release Update and Trailer for Eddie Lengyel's Voodoo Rising

Writer/director Eddie Lengyel dropped us a line with an update on Voodoo Rising featuring Brenna Lee Roth and Mark Cray along with Roger Conners. We've got a few stills and a trailer to share for the film, which Lengyel co-wrote with Kris Smith.

SEE .... Trilogy of Blood

See ... an indie film production! See ... hillbillies! See ... bare breasted chicks! See ... cheaply made gore effects that will both make you laugh and make you squirm. See the new trailer .... for Trilogy of Blood!

The Birds Remake Just Might Be 3D

MarketSaw recently had an opportunity to chat with actress Brenna Lee Roth and managed to get a particularly interesting bit of information. The upcoming remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds is not only moving forward; it might just even be in 3D!