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Indie Vampire Project The New Neighbor to Commence Filming in January

Word of an upcoming new vampire project called The New Neighbor landed in our inbox, and since we're always on the lookout for a different take on the bloodsucker sub-genre, we thought we'd pass on the info along with a bit of artwork.

Anthology Film Urban Legends to Begin Filming in July

The folks at BDHR Entertainment are proud to announce that they're about to begin production on their new three-part anthology film entitled Urban Legends. Read on for the details!

Trespass at Your Own Risk Preps for Filming

The people behind Big Daddy Horror Reviews are throwing their hat into the filmmaking ring. No longer will they just be critiquing movies; they said, "Step aside, we can do this ourselves." And although filming for Trespass at Your Own Risk doesn't begin until 2012, they have a something really impressive up their sleeveā€¦