Box Office

As Expected - Resident Evil: Retribution Wins the Box Office

Resident Evil: Retribution opened #1 at the box office this weekend and was even bigger internationally. I hope you’re happy. You know who you are. In psychological terms, you’d be referred to as “enablers”.

Exorcism Fails! Possession Continues to Grasp the Box Office!

The weekend after Labor Day is traditionally one of the least movie-going weekends of the year, and this year that tradition held true. That’s good news for The Possession as it held the top spot as the most watched movie of the least watched weekend.

No Day Off for Exorcists! The Possession Dominates the Labor Day Weekend Box Office!

Remember last weekend when I speculated that the box office failure of horror movies released in August/September 2011 might be repeating itself this year? Never mind. Turns out it was just a case of either nobody wanted to see The Apparition or they were all waiting for The Possession.

The Apparition Fails to Materialize at the Box Office

Remember last year when a slew of horror offerings were released in the months of August and September, and one after another proceeded to flop at the box office? Seeing as how The Apparition went unseen this weekend, it looks like history might be repeating.

How Much ParaNorman Activity Was there at this Weekend's Box Office?

It may be an animated movie, but ParaNorman was the first horror-flavored movie offering on the big screen in a couple of weeks. Despite solid reviews, the family flick about a boy saving his town from the undead wasn’t able to scare up much audience from either kids or adults.

Prometheus Has Landed at the Box Office

Big things may have small beginnings, but the opening weekend for Ridley Scott’s highly anticipated Alien pseudo-prequel was anything but small. Prometheus may have had to settle for second, but that second was one of the biggest second place openings of all time.

Box Office: Snow White Takes a Big Bite of the Apple, Piranha 3DD Toothless, Prometheus Already Scaring Abroad

Snow White proved to be the fairest of them all at the U.S. box office this weekend while Prometheus has already begun taking the world by storm and Piranha 3DD turned out to be nothing more than a bottom feeder.

Box Office: Men in Black Zap Avengers, Chernobyl Diaries Nuked, Battleship Continues to Sink

The Avengers' reign of box office tyranny has finally come to an end thanks to the triple threat of Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, and Josh Brolin.

Battleship Gets Blown Out of the Water at the Box Office

It was a great weekend at the box office for a certain movie about an unlikely group of heroes having to come together to defeat an invading alien force. Unfortunately for the makers of Battleship, that movie was still The Avengers.

Dark Shadows Gets Staked at the Box Office

Last night I attended a midnight screening of Dark Shadows. Opening weekend of a big budget Tim Burton/Johnny Depp movie, and there were all of seven people in the theater, myself included. Yeah, that’s not a good sign.

The Raven Comes up Po’ at the Box Office

Bad news for Hollywood as this weekend’s box office is poised to go down as one of the worst of 2012. The news was even worse for the star of the movie 2012; John Cusak's Edgar Allan Poe chiller The Raven had a po' showing at the box office.

The Hunger Games Feel the Wrath of the Titans Overseas

It doesn't amount to a hill of beans here in the States as The Hunger Games has already ruined the American Reunion and resunk the Titanic in American cinemas, but overseas? That's far from the story as Wrath of the Titans is kicking a copious amount of box office ass!

Box Office: Titans Face the Wrath of The Hunger Games

Even ancient Greek gods going to war with each other in 3D proved no match for futuristic teenagers killing each in 2D. All other movies were again forced to fight to the death for table scraps as The Hunger Games' reign continued.

The Hunger Games Hungers for Everyone's Money

The Hunger Games was so starved for cash it ate all of it, like Galactus devouring planets. There’s none left for any other movie. $155 million opening weekend: the third biggest opening of all time just behind the final Harry Potter movie and The Dark Knight, and better than all of the Twilight flicks. Suck on that, glittering vamps.

Box Office: Silent House Doesn't Make Much Noise, John Carter Doesn't Make Much Money

Talk about a contrast. This weekend’s new genre offerings consist of an under $1 million chiller that was shot in (almost) one take and a $250+ million sci-fi blockbuster that’s become more newsworthy for how much money it’s expected to lose rather than if it's even worth watching.