Box Office

Machete Kills in Your Home on January 21, 2014

Machete Kills is one of the biggest box office flops of the year, and even debuted with one of the worst opening weekends of all time. But maybe it will find its audience on home video, where people who hated the original (such as myself) might be compelled to give it a look.

Carrie Not Very Scary at the Box Office

“You Will Know Her Name” proclaimed the poster for the Carrie remake. Perhaps the problem was everyone already knew her name, or maybe it was because the target audience wasn’t old enough to know her name yet. Whatever the reason, the only major horror release of the Halloween season failed to scare up big box office.

Machete Killed at the Box Office

It just figures. Up front... most of us here at Dread Central were not fans of the original Machete. Yet, its sequel, Machete Kills, made huge strides in getting things right, and of course nobody went to see it. In fact, it had an historically bad opening.

Prisoners Captures the Box Office Crown

The riveting new flick Prisoners (review) owned the box office this past weekend, but the big question is: Did the space convict Riddick and the latest trip to the Further keep up?

The Latest Chronicle of Riddick Kicks Off the Fall Movie Season

The weekend after Labor Day is traditionally a slow one for Hollywood. It's also the official beginning of the fall movie season as well as the NFL season. This year it kicked off with Vin Diesel’s Riddick back on the big screen for the first time in nine years. Did he score or fumble the ball?

The World's End, You're Next, and The Mortal Instruments Fight for Leftovers at The Butler's Box Office

Though the end of August is traditionally one of the slower movie-going weekends of the year, it was a big weekend for the genre. So how did our three contenders fare?

The Conjuring Summons Big Dollars at the Box Office, R.I.P.D. Comes in DOA

It's the thing we love to see the most, an original R-rated horror film kicking major ass at the box office. And this week we got that - big time. The Conjuring destroyed the competition, raking in a whopping $41.5 million, nearly doubling its closest competition. R.I.P.D. did not fare as well.

Pacific Rim Neither Goes Big Nor Goes Extinct at the Box Office

Pacific Rim’s less than monstrous opening can’t be considered a shock given that it’s an original property, has no major name stars, and has to clear the hurdle of convincing general audiences that look down upon giant monster movies as something beneath their intelligence....

Box Office Report: World War Z More Like World War $

Monsters ruled the box office this weekend in a big way. The top spot belonged to the monsters of Monsters University, but nipping at their heels were the 3D PG-13 ant zombies of World War Z. How weird is it that on the small screen R-rated zombies garner huge ratings, but you have to make them bloodless PG-13 to find huge success on the big screen?

Box Office: This Is the End Off to a Solid Beginning

Who would dare challenge the Man of Steel? How about a raunchy R-rated meta-comedy about stoner actors dealing with the end of the world? This Is the End managed to hold its own against Superman even if it did make over $100 million less.

How High Did The Purge Surge at this Weekend's Box Office?

Opinions on The Purge may be greatly mixed, but audiences flocked in droves to see the futuristic home invasion flick this weekend, making it a surprise, overperforming #1, even making back ten times its budget and setting a new horror movie record in the process.

Weekend Box Office Report: Was Evil Dead More Alive than Scary Movie 5?

While Evil Dead struggled not to plummet like so many 3D Texas Chainsaws, Scary Movie 5 proved to be a franchise that probably wasn’t worth reviving. Funny; A Haunted House was a modest hit and Scary Movie 5 bombs.

Box Office – Evil Dead Groovy, Jurassic Park 3D Anything But Extinct

It was a big weekend for Hollywood with three films coming in at over $20 million and a 3D re-release nipping at their heels. But it was Evil Dead that swallowed the box office’s soul in a big way.

The Host Not So Heavenly at the Easter Weekend Box Office

If Open Road was thinking it had the next Twilight on its hands with The Host, also written by Stephenie Meyer, it had better think again. The film had a disappointing $11 million, 6th place debut, a sure sign that it's not the next hot young adult franchise everyone is scrambling to find.

Halle Berry Fans Answer The Call and Make It No. 2 at the Box Office

One of the year's biggest surprises so far is that Brad Anderson's The Call proved Halle Berry still has what it takes to attract a crowd as the film ended up in the number two spot at the box office.