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The Devil Inside Keeps Haunting in this Exclusive Promotional Spot!

Guess what, kids? We've got some more stuff for you from The Devil Inside! Who's ready for a new poster and promotional spot?

Exclusive Interview: The Devil Inside's William Brent Bell and Matthew Peterman Talk Controversial Endings, Sequel Potential and Upcoming Projects

It pretty much goes without saying that The Devil Inside's co-writer/director William Brent Bell and co-writer/producer Matthew Peterman are having one hell of a week. After seeing their independently made film open to a staggering $33.7 million, the pair have witnessed some passionate debates heat up online surrounding it, and they've also been announced as attached to two other upcoming horror projects. Of course we have the scoop on it all!

The Devil Inside Made Us Post these New Clips

Hey, kids! It's time to fuel your disdain by bringing you some newly released clips for Paramount's The Devil Inside! Incidentally I'm appearing daily at the Del Mar Rubio's restaurant from 5-6 pm in San Diego in case you wanna show up and blame me for everything else that's gone wrong in your life because I'm one of six people in the world that was entertained by this flick. Be warned, though... if you spit at me, you're likely to end up having a really bad day!

The Devil Inside 2 - And the Rumbling Begins

In my ten years covering the genre, I don't think I've ever seen a harsher backlash toward one film as I have with Paramount Insurge's The Devil Inside. Despite the jeering, spitting, throwing of garbage, and my own public text-based crucifixion for daring to think it was pretty good, the film managed to pull in $34.5M during its opening weekend. Given its success, a sequel is a no-brainer, right? Maybe, maybe not.

The Devil Inside Premiere In-Theatre Scare a Return to Showmanship of Days Gone By

If I have any complaints about movie-going in general, it's the nearly all of the spectacle is gone. In the days of the great William Castle (who pretty much created viral marketing), there would be all manner of gimmicks associated with his films from seat buzzers to insurance policies to flying skeletons sailing over the crowd. What a fun time to have been a fan! As a tip of the hat to those golden days of cinema, Paramount had a little surprise in store for those who attended the Los Angeles premiere of The Devil Inside.

New Clip From The Devil Inside Has You Connecting the Cuts and the Investigation Continues Online

Paramount's The Devil Inside has horror fans divided. Some loved it, some liked it, and some hate it on a level that's borderline irrational. We fell into the liked it category, and to further help you make your decision about whether or not to go see it this weekend, we have another new clip and a way for you to continue the demonic journey of Maria Rossi!

New Clip from The Devil Inside Takes Us to Exorcism School

Ever been curious about what goes on inside an exorcism school? Well then, this new clip from The Devil Inside should be right up your alley. Read on to watch a group taking courses at The Vatican School for Exorcism in Rome.

Exclusive: Get Treated to a New Still from The Devil Inside

Excited for The Devil Inside? One thing is certain: The flick looks spooky as all hell! To further entice you to engage in some good old fashioned devilry to kick off the new year, we've got a new image from The Devil Inside. Even cooler? Every day until the film opens Paramount will be releasing a new pic. Starting NOW!

A New Red-Band Trailer for The Devil Inside

We don't know about you guys, but for us nothing says Christmas quite like some good old fashioned demonic possession! Which is what you're about to get a nice close look at courtesy of this new red-band trailer for The Devil Inside!

A Holiday Greeting from The Devil Inside

With the holiday season officially at our doorsteps, what better way could there be to spread some Christmas fear other than by spending some time listening to and nurturing The Devil Inside us all?

Nun Too Scary Bus Shelter and Billboard Art for The Devil Inside

Speaking solely for myself, I have three irrational fears: heights, bugs, and worst of all nuns. They're just spooky, man, the way that they seem to float and stuff instead of walking. That being said, this new bit of bus shelter and billboard artwork for Paramount's The Devil Inside gave me a serious case of the creeps. Dig it!

New Devil Inside Still Puts You in the Exorcism

Ready for another late afternoon goodie from Paramount's The Devil Inside? Well then, sit back, put on your nightlight, squeeze your security blanket, and take a look!

Disturbing New Goodies From The Devil Inside

Strap in, kids. These two new goodies in promotion of Paramount's latest chiller The Devil Inside are likely to keep you in a complete state of distress for the remainder of your day. In other words ... they're awesome!

More Security Cam Stills - The Devil Inside

Paramount is being very deliberate when it comes to what they're releasing for the upcoming frightfest The Devil Inside, in hopes of less being more, and they're on the right track. Some new security camera screen-grabs have surfaced over at the official Facebook page for the flick, and we have every spooky pixel right here for you!

First TV Spot Surfaces for The Devil Inside

While flipping through the channels the other night, we saw what we thought was the tail end of the first TV spot for Paramount's upcoming The Devil Inside, and lo and behold we were right. So right that we now have the whole thing here for you to watch and enjoy!