Blue Underground

Blue Underground Bringing Several Midnight Movie Double Features to DVD

Oh, Blue Underground. We love you so! The company that has delivered some of the horror genre's more crazed moments is back with a lineup of double feature DVD's to kick off the new year! Read on for details.

More Drool Worthy Mondo One-Sheets

Oh, Mondo Tees. You make our wallets literally ache. With Texas Frightmare Weekend in full swing, the purveyors of fine genre artwork have some new goodies on display and available at the show. As per usual the rest of us are green with jealousy.

Blue Underground Releasing Three Times the Terror ... Twice!

If there's one company we've had a love affair with forever, it's Blue Underground. Why? Because they always deliver the goods, and this time they've got two hellish triple feature DVD's on tap! Dig it!

Baba Yaga (Blu-ray)

Starring Carroll Baker, Isabelle De Funes, George Eastman Directed by Corrado Farina

Zombie (Blu-ray)

Starring Tisa Farrow, Ian McCulloch, Richard Johnson, Al Cliver, Olga Karlatos Directed by Lucio Fulci

Lucio Fulci's Zombie Crashes Back into Theatres; New Theatrical One-Sheet, Trailer, and More!

Here at Dread Central there are few movies on the planet that we enjoy more than Lucio Fulci's classic undead feature Zombie (or Zombi 2 as it was originally known), and just in time for Halloween the flick is headed back into theatres like you've NEVER seen it before!

Zombie - The Dead Are Among Us on Blu-ray High Definition

Since the advent of Blu-ray I have patiently been waiting for this day to come. One of my personal all time favorite films and a true living dead classic, Zombie, is finally on its way; and we have all the details you need! Dig it!

The House By the Cemetery Gets a 1080p Makeover in September

Now here is some news we've been waiting to hear! The wonderfully loony folks over at Blue Underground are bringing yet another Lucio Fulci classic into the world of high definition, and we've got your first look right here!

Deep Red Blu-ray Pushed Back One Month

Nothing gives me more joy than rediscovering my favorite films on Blu-ray, which is why I was quite excited for the April 26th bow of Dario Argento's classic giallo Deep Red. Not to worry, it's still coming ... but now we've got to wait a little bit longer. High Def Digest got word that Blue Underground has pushed the release date of Argento's giallo to May 17th, 2011.

Ranting & Slashing: The Golden Age of DVD

I’ll never forget reading about LaserDiscs in Fangoria magazine and frothing at the mouth as they described deluxe editions of my favorite films. Glorious widescreen presentations, commentary tracks, ‘making-of’ featurettes, special effects tests, theatrical trailers – all of it wrapped inside very cool packaging and priced to own for the smallest of the niche markets.

Blue Underground Brings The Nesting to Blu-ray

Here's a movie I never thought would see the light of Blu-ray. A nostalgic favorite from my childhood, this is one of the films that spooked me beyond belief as a kid. Now, thanks to the wonderful people at Blue Underground, I can toss my bootleg VHS into the trash!

More Dario Argento Announced on Blu-ray in 2011

2011 is shaping up to be a great year for Dario Argento fans. Not only are we keeping our fingers crossed that Dario will recapture some of his old magic in his upcoming Dracula 3D, but Blue Underground is bringing the maestro's most classic works to Blu-ray in stunning 1080p splendor.

Argento's Inferno Setting Blu-ray on Fire in March!

The second of Argento's three mothers is getting set to make her Blu-ray high definition debut so does this mean that Suspiria isn't very far behind! Lord, how we pray!

Deep Red Getting Delivered on Blu in April

Argento films on Blu-ray are an unmatched treat for the old ocular organs! The depth! The clarity! Those pretty, pretty colors! Yep, it's a wonderful thing, we tell ya! The latest classic flick to go 1080p? Deep Red! Let the celebration begin! Blue Underground announced today that the Argento slasher classic will be hitting DVD and Blu-ray on May 17th, 2011 (Updated)!

Maniac Officially Hitting Blu-ray! Artwork and Specs Announced!

One of our favorite films is finally getting the release that it deserves. That's right, kids! Bill Lustig's Maniac is finally hitting Blu-ray high definition, and along with its newly remastered picture it's home to a host of new extras!