Idris Elba Looking to Tackle Blade?

Blade has become a much beloved character in both the horror and Marvel universes. Wesley Snipes breathed a hell of a lot of life into the character of the Day Walker, and truth be told? Sticky Fingaz was pretty damned good, too. But now someone else is eying all those wonderful bits of vamp hunting weaponry.

Wesley Snipes Talks More About the Possible Blade Sequel

Blade franchise star Wesley Snipes is talking more and more about the possible fourth entry into the series while promoting his latest film, Brooklyn's Finest. This time we get to hear about what Snipes would want for the sequel if it does happen.

Wesley Snipes Interested in Fourth Blade

The Blade franchise has had a really interesting ride thus far. The original film hit almost all of the marks that it should have. Del Toro's Blade II was like a fan's wet dream. Blade: Trinity, which showcased everyone's favorite comic book vamp hunter facing off against the big daddy bloodsucker of them all, Dracula, lacked any serious bite; and the TV show, while pretty good, was cut short.

DVD Release List: August 4, 2009: Trapped in a Chaos Experiment with Hot Blood Sundae Cravings

If you've upgraded your system to include a Blu-ray player, then this is a pretty good week for you as August 4th will see the release of a few old friends including Blade II, Hannibal Rising, and Mimic. On the newer end of the spectrum, we have sci-fi/horror hybrids Alien Uprising and The Mutant Chronicles along with watch-it-at-your-own-risk fare like Cravings, The Chaos Experiment, Nature's Grave, and the anthology Slices.

Horror DVD / Blu-ray Art Blow-Out - Phantasm II, Werewolf in London, and More!

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Stephen Dorff Returns as Deacon Frost in Blade Spin-Off

While I really did enjoy Stephen Dorff’s villainous performance in Stephen Norrington’s Blade, I never found myself wishing we’d gotten to know more about him. That might be changing soon, however, as the powers that be are thinking about resurrecting the Deacon Frost character for his own prequel trilogy!

Blade: The Series (Unrated DVD)

Reviewed by Debi Moore Starring Kirk "Sticky" Jones, Jill Wagner, Neil Jackson, Jessica Gower, Nelson Lee, Larry Poindexter, Emily Hirst Directed by various including Peter O'Fallon, Alex Chapple, Félix Enríquez Alcalá, and Michael Robison