Black Devil Doll

Black Devil Doll Novels Now On Sale

Who knew? You know the old saying "Stranger things have happened?" Well, it doesn't get much stranger than this. The most offensive movie of the year, Black Devil Doll (review here), has gotten itself an honest to goodness real-deal novelization and you can get your hands on that bad boy right now.

Lots of Black Devil Doll News

Huge news out of the Black Devil Doll (review here) camp! Overseas sales! DVD specs! A novelization! Holy shit!

More Black Devil Doll Screenings Added!

The ever so controversial new film Black Devil Doll (review) is beginning to make its rounds around the country! Next up -- Rhode Island, Ohio, Manhattan, Syracuse, Utah, San Francisco, Pittsburgh, London, and more!

More Black Devil Doll Screenings

The ever so controversial new film Black Devil Doll (review) is beginning to make its rounds around the country! Next up -- Washington, Oregon, and Arizona!

Event Report: Black Devil Doll at the New Beverly Cinema

There's not a day that goes by that I don't realize what a fortunate individual I am. That's right, kids -- from time to time your old Uncle Creepy gets to take part in some truly mind-numbingly psychotic antics!

Exclusive First Review: Black Devil Doll

It's been around two years that we've been telling you guys about what could very well be one of the single most offensively good times to be had in ages in Jonathan Lewis' Black Devil Doll. Now, we have the very first review. Did it deliver?

Black Devil Doll (2009)

Reviewed by Stephen Romano Starring The Black Devil Doll, Heather Murphy, Natasha Talonz, Christine Svendsen, Precious Cox, Ericka Branich, Martin Boone Directed by Jonathan Lewis Visit the Official Black Devil Doll Website

Reminder: Black Devil Doll THIS WEEKEND!

I feel like we've been telling you about the goodness that is Black Devil Doll forever now. This flick, plain and simple, is going to be the shit, and this weekend you'll have three chances to see it -- one in California, one in New York, and one in New Mexico!

Black Devil Doll Premiere Tickets On Sale Now!

As you all know, the West Coast premiere of Black Devil Doll will be on April 17th, 2009, at the New Beverly Cinema (same weekend as the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors and just a 10- to 15-minute cab ride away).

Black Devil Doll to Invade NYC & Portland

As we told you a couple of weeks ago, Black Devil Doll is finally coming to the big screen! It'll premiere at midnight on April 17, 2009 (the same weekend as Fango's LA Weekend of Horrors), at the New Beverly Cinema. Can't make it to LA? Well, if you live in or around New York or Portland, Oregon, you're in luck as it will be screening in those cities on the same night.

Black Devil Doll Gets Theatrical Run Before DVD Release

Word came out today from the Black Devil Doll camp that the movie will be hitting some theatres before it makes its DVD debut later in the year. Need to know when?

Black Devil Doll on DVD December 31st!

Every time I show off the Black Devil Doll trailer to anyone, they always ask, "Where the f%&* can I get that?" Well, now we know where and when you can pick up your own copy of Jon Lewis' exploitation-fest!

Adults Only Black Devil Doll Clip at the New Beverly!

For those of you sickos living and dying in LA, there’s yet another cool event to look forward to at the New Beverly Cinema; the world premiere of Dawna of the Dead, proceeded by an adult’s only clip from Black Devil Doll on August 14th, 2008!

Full Color Black Devil Doll!

Those sick fucks behind the upcoming horror/blacksploitation/puppet porn Black Devil Doll just sent us word that a brand-new piece of shameless promotion is ready to suck the money from your wallet and the dignity from your soul. What could it be, you ask? A T-shirt, of course!

Pussycats and Devil Dolls at the Vista!

Mondo Celluloid will be bringing Russ Meyer's Faster Pussy Cat! Kill! Kill! to LA's Vista theatre this Saturday, May 10th! Not only can you catch this classic flick, but a clip from Jonathan Lewis' exploitation pic Black Devil Doll will be screened as well!