Syfy Signs on for a Second Season of Bitten

Last week we got word that Canadian TV network Space had committed to a second season of "Bitten," their most-watched original series ever, and Syfy is hot on their heels with an announcement of their own...

Get Bitten For a Second Season

We tried really hard to watch "Bitten" on Syfy, but the experience proved to be too painful for us to endure. Apparently we were in the minority because the toothy little series has just gotten an order for a second season. Read on for details.

Will You Believe this Clip from Bitten Episode 1.06 - Committed?

Syfy's "Bitten" seems to be holding its own in its new 8PM time slot, and if you're looking ahead to next week's Episode 1.06, "Committed," here's a sneak peek in which poor Elena doesn't know what to believe.

See How Elena Joined the Pack in this Sneak Peek of Bitten Episode 1.05

Still following Syfy's new werewolf show, "Bitten"? If so, you'll be interested in next week's Episode 1.05, also titled "Bitten," in which you'll travel back in time to find out how Elena joined the pack. Check out a sneak peek.

Join the Pack and Watch a Preview and Clip from Bitten Episode 1.03 - Trespass

So, any opinions on Syfy's new werewolf show? We're still on the fence but plan to keep watching for a while at least. If you've been "Bitten" as well, here are a preview and sneak peek of Episode 1.03, "Trespass."

Super Trailers, Sneak Peeks, and More for Syfy's Being Human and Bitten

Last night marked the series debut and Season 4 premiere of "Bitten" and "Being Human," respectively, on Syfy, and today we have "super trailers," sneak peeks of upcoming episodes, and more for both shows.

Exclusive: Steve Lund Talks Being the New Werewolf in Town in Syfy's Bitten

Syfy launches its new werewolf series "Bitten" tonight, and Steve Lund, who portrays flirtatious and playful werewolf Nick Sorrento, sat down with Dread Central to talk about his character, his co-stars, and what's in store for audiences. We have the details along with a new trailer!

Top 6 Things You Should Know about Syfy's Bitten

With its new werewolf series debuting tonight, Syfy recently held a press call with star Laura Vandervoort and Kelley Armstrong, author of the Women of the Otherworld series on which the show is based; and we have the Top 6 Things You Should Know About "Bitten" before watching the premiere.

Get Bitten by the First Three Minutes of Syfy's New Werewolf Series

Curious about Syfy's new werewolf series, "Bitten," which premieres on Monday? Then check out the opening three minutes of Episode 1.01, "Summons," which bring the sexy and also give us a taste of the type of transformation we can expect.

More Cast Photos and Another Title Treatment for Syfy's Bitten

A few new cast promo photos and a bit of banner art have arrived for Syfy's upcoming werewolf series "Bitten," and once again we're treated to some really good looking people standing around a library looking very bored. Here's hoping the show's January 13th premiere provides more action.

See Syfy's New Promo for Its Monday Night Lineup of Lost Girl, Being Human, and Bitten

Syfy has released a new promo touting its supercharged supernatural Monday lineup of "Lost Girl," "Being Human," and "Bitten," which kicks off on January 13th. Viewers will have their choice of "vampires, werewolves, and ghosts… and everything else that’s out there!"

Get Bitten by this Season 1 Launch Trailer for Syfy's New Series

With Syfy's new werewolf series, "Bitten," arriving January 13th, the network has released a new launch trailer for the show, and of course we have it for you right here. Check it out, and look for more soon.

Artwork, Cast Photo, and More for Syfy's Bitten

The upcoming werewolf series from Syfy, "Bitten," arrives January 13th, and along with a bit of poster art for the show, we've gotten our claws into a group cast photo and a few more stills.

Syfy Show Updates: The Woods in Development; Premiere Date and New Promo for Bitten

News on two shows heading to Syfy crossed our desk this afternoon, and figuring you're as anxious to kick off your weekend as we are, we thought we'd combine them here in one story to keep things quick and easy.

Get Bitten by This Teaser Video for Syfy's Upcoming Series

Time to add a little furry flavor to your Hump Day! The first teaser video has hit the interwebs for the upcoming werewolf series from Syfy, "Bitten," and we have it for you right here to howl for.